battle menu

  1. Animations on top of window in Front View

    I'm using Yanfly's battle status menu plugin (MV) in a front view game . That plugin has an option to turn enemy attack animations on (they are usually not visible in front view systems). I want the enemy attack animations to play on top of my actor's face portraits in the battle menu, but...
  2. Quintus

    Persona 5-esque battle menu?

    I'm looking for a way to emulate some elements of the Persona 5 battle system. For those who don't know it's set up so that you can select your target in advance if you want and then your attack, guard, items, skill menu, etc. are all mapped to buttons instead of being in a scroll menu. I like...
  3. 5crem

    Adding Common Event to Party Command Menu

    Hey hows it going, I would like to add another command to the Party command menu (the one featuring 'Fight' 'Escape' and 'Formation'). I Need to add a shortcut to a specific common Event right there. (My game Features a Monster catching mechanic, and the common Event processes the catching)...
  4. 0.MisC.0

    In-battle menu bug?

    Hello all! I've just started using RPG Maker MV awhile ago and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I did run into a issue however: When I select a party member with a skill like Heal, the menu is pushed over to the lower left, and part of the right menu is sort of "mirrored" next to it, making it...
  5. problem with a type error I am hoping an angel on here can help me with

    I am having a problem with the YEP Actor Party System. When I go to switch my party in battle it lets me do it but after I select finish it says "Type Error Undefined is not a function". I've been stuck on it for a few days. I've tried moving the pluggins around but nothing seems to work. Any...
  6. Problems with state and battle speed

    I am having major issues and would deeply appreciate some help. In RPG maker MV how do you slow down the speed of messages in battle? It happens fast and I can't seem to get it to slow down. Also, My states animations are not showing up as well as confusion immediately being cured from the...
  7. Servidion

    Request Ring Battle Menu?

    Not sure if this is where I would ask this, but here goes! Does anyone know of a stand-alone Battle Ring menu that can adjust in size based on the amount of commands? An example is but Mog's command ring requires the full hud, not just the...
  8. Mihe

    default battle menu

    When I start up a battle, the default menu goes to the first character, like this How can I make the default menu go to pre-battle options like this?
  9. Looking for a script that changes the Battle Hud

    Hello, new to RPG Maker VX Ace and I want to change my Battle Hud. Specifically, I'm looking for a battle hud that adds the Faces of the individual characters to the left, depending on which character you are currently selecting/on. I've seen scripts that add in all character faces and they...
  10. Dakarr78

    Me being an idiot / battler portraits shuffling underneath each other

    I purchased the Luna Engine four days ago. Contrary to what the instructions told me, I copied from the complete script list, but I got all conflicts sorted out with my java knowledge combined with limited ruby knowledge. What irritated me however was what's shown below. It's been there since I...
  11. wrigty12

    Move Around Battle Menu Options

    My goal is to move "Guard" and 'Items" from the "Fight' menu when battling to the initial menu. Like this: (Enter battle) Menu reads: [Fight] [items] [Guard] [Escape] When you chose [Fight], "Guard" and "Items" are no longer there. Is it as simple as moving the commands in the Window...
  12. Putting all Skill types into one Skill choice

    Hello! Whenever a player is in battle, each member can: fight, item, guard, etc. One of the choices is the skills. Here's the problem though. I want to have multiple skill types (such as the default special and magical types), but I don't want each type to be its own selection. I want there...

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