battle plugin

  1. mardin

    Making your own simple, easy Battle HUD, how?

    Ok, I thought I have been experimenting a lot with the battle system lately, and to my surprise...a Battle System that is inspired by Darkest Dungeon is very possible in RPG Maker. But I already fail at the basics, setting up a good battle hud. Maybe you guys can help me out, and perhaps there...
  2. noelburgundy27

    Need Help for what you call TP Shield

    Hi guys! I could use your advise. I'm working on a TP Guard System. Problem is, I'm at a loss for how to go about it. I'm building it from scratch and borrowing methods from the core mv scripts. What I have so far is this: It's a small script based on my VX Ace version. But with how...
  3. Dream Syrup Games

    Request: Wolf RPG Editor battle system for MV

    Hello! I made a post about this request before, but it was earlier in the year, and I didn't really want to bump a dead thread. So anyway! I'm working on a reboot of an rpg horror I started last year, and I've been needing a battle system for it and future rpg projects, and I love the Wolf...
  4. dbchest

    Battle Theme By Party Leader

    Battle Theme By Party Leader v1.0.0 Author: Derek Chestnut (dbchest) Plugin Description The active battle bgm will update if the party leader is updated. Note Tags <bgm:Battle1> Author's Notes Free for use in both commercial and non-commercial projects. Accreditation is not required but it is...
  5. Tea's Jams

    Suikoden II style turned base battle

    Hey guys! I've been looking for a while for a Battle plug in that would mimic the active/turn based battle style of Suikoden II. In Suikoden II you pick all your characters actions, and you can take all the time you want. Once you confirm the options you chose, the characters and the enemies...
  6. Lucifurai

    [Request] Legaïa 2 Battle Plugin : Special Arts !

    Hi Guys,  This is my first plugin request. I'll try to do my best to explain what I want. I'm not feeling at ease when I have to talk in english (at least google is my friend). So just tell me if don't understand me ^^,  I looked in every corner of Javascript gold MV sections there was...

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