battle script

  1. A 1v1 Battle System?

    Hi, I was looking for a 1v1 battle system in Pokemon Style but...I actually don't want to use pokemon or any creature. Does it exist?
  2. QTE in battle system plugin

    I want to make a battle system that uses quick time events to form combos. I'll post a link below to show you what I mean. Is there perhaps already a plugin to do this?
  3. Zireks

    How do I implement my own Ruby code into MV?

    So I'm new to using RPG Maker and recently got MV on Steam. I know that this version of the software uses the Ruby coding language to make personal scripts s o after learning the basics I've started to code the stuff I need. However I've ran into a problem. Let me start by explaining what it is...
  4. TheFe91

    Battle Freezes when I display a message

    Hi everybody! I have a scripted battle in my game with a Troop of 5 enemies, 4 "side enemies" and a Boss Enemy. What I wanted to do was to make the Boss invulnerable if the user doesn't kill the other enemies BEFORE the boss itself. So I create the boss with the "immortality" state on and...
  5. Name

    Where to find [Luna Enginev23][TLP Project] Battle system?

    Does anyone know where this is? I tried to find it in my folder or online but I cant!
  6. Point Me in the Right Direction

    Can someone please point me in the right direction...I know it has to be out there somewhere...I am just looking for a simple Side View animated Battle System with an ATB and overdrive system. Similar to FF style Battle Systems.
  7. redspark

    Making a custom Battle Script for MV

    Perhaps this can't be answered now due to NDA but later when MV is released this Friday.  I'm considering creating a Tactical Card-based Battle System.  However, I'd like to know how deep into the engine one has to go to decouple the current battle system and introduce your own.  What is...
  8. ianbach

    Yami Manual ??

     totally love your scripts it realy makes RPGMVXA way better I am just teaching self how to do this so been 6 months  on and off and I really love it.  I totaly am enjoying yanfly scripts I am just messing about making game for me and friends nothing comercial....yet... so I am just now...
  9. SoulPour777

    Health States

    Soul Engine Ace – Health States Soulpour777 Introduction This script allows an extra state applied on the user whenever a percentage of their health is reached. The state is also removed when the actor has recovered or healed. How to Use Place the script below Materials above Main.  ...
  10. SoulPour777

    Enhanced Battle Commands

    Soul Engine Ace – Enhanced Battle Commands Soulpour777 Introduction Creates transparent windows for all Battle Commands and uses pictures as background. The battle hud is also created to enhance battle visibility for the game. Features Enhanced Battle Messaging Enhanced Window ActorCommand...

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