battle scripting

  1. A 1v1 Battle System?

    Hi, I was looking for a 1v1 battle system in Pokemon Style but...I actually don't want to use pokemon or any creature. Does it exist?
  2. TheFe91

    Battle Freezes when I display a message

    Hi everybody! I have a scripted battle in my game with a Troop of 5 enemies, 4 "side enemies" and a Boss Enemy. What I wanted to do was to make the Boss invulnerable if the user doesn't kill the other enemies BEFORE the boss itself. So I create the boss with the "immortality" state on and...
  3. Village Mook

    Wave Battles?

    I'm trying to create battles that work in waves where more enemies show up as you defeat them. Problem is, most of my attempts using battle events and common events either don't work or freeze the game. Can somebody give me a hand with this?
  4. Topaz_12

    Making in-world battles

    I've been using VX Ace Lite for a little while now, and it seems to be pretty much perfect for the project I want to do. The only thing that's been bugging me is the battles, which look to me like they're pokemon-style. When I generally think of RPG's, I think of a sword swinging character...

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