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  1. SumRndmDde

    TP Upgrade [v3.02] (Max TP Rate, Initial Battle TP, TP Cost/Gain, TP Damage, and more!)

    TP Upgrade Version 3.02 by SumRndmDde         What This Plugin Does: Currently, TP is restricted to having a specific Max and Initial value, along with being forced to have specific mechanics built into it. This Plugin allows you to change all of this...

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Meteo Chronicles is almost finished!
Always remember kids keep a copy of you email with your download code in it or you will never find it again in your email :kaocry:
Dragon quest IX just released a definitive edition that has a 2D top-down RPG mode for the entire game, AKA you can play the entire game as if it was made for super Nintendo, i WISH i didn't already buy the original version or else I would get this version to get some ideas for my game and honestly the story was tooooo boring for me to play again. Hmm I'm sure somebody will do a lets play in 2D mode on YouTube.

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