battle status window

  1. zerobeat032

    Showing Custom Gauges

    so.. I've figured out that in combination with ICF-SOFTPARAMS plugin, which creates new parameters and such... you can use certain said parameters as say a new form of mp. and SRDude's Battle Status Customizer can be configured to actually show these custom parameters. add Yanfly's skill core...
  2. Hiding an actor from the battle status window

    Hey there! Specifically, my question concerns summoned actors (in my case, using SRD_SummonCore). They're there only temporarily, and in my game they can't even be controlled by the player, so it feels kind of weird that they show up at the battle status window (I am using...
  3. Lonewulf123

    Yanfly Battle Status Window Help?

    Hi, I'm using Battle Status Window in a front view battle system. I'm also using the "Show Sprites Feature", so it uses the SV sprites during the front view battles. The problem I'm running into is that I'm trying to put more space between the battlers: Basically like in the above image, I'm...
  4. TheTitan99

    Trying to draw animations, popups, and images above, not inside, the Battle Status Window.

    Put quickly: I am trying to play animations, draw pictures, and have popups appear above the Battle Status Window (ideally any window, but for now just Battle Status.) Not inside it, but above it. Having... less than ideal results. Put into far more detail: So, I'm using a Front View battle...
  5. TheTitan99

    Effects (numbers, animations, pictures, ect) appearing over the Battle Status window?

    I am using a front view battle system, using Yanfly's Battle Engine. In the Battle Status Window, each character has a portrait, instead of a side view sprite. Only problem, when a skill plays, it plays beneath the Battle Status Window, because it's, well, a window. What I'm asking, is how do...
  6. C.W. Plainview

    Changing layout of Yanfly's Battle Status Window + changing TP bar

    I'm looking to change the layout a bit of Yanfly's Battle Status Window plugin, but am at a loss how to correctly configure it. I want to remove the action icon, and, instead of putting the MP and TP bars next to each other below the HP bar, I want to make each of them the same length as the HP...

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