battle system

  1. RMMZ Area of Effect Skills

    Hello again! I'm not too familiar with *porting* plug-ins from MV to MZ but, have one I would absolutely love to still use. I use Battle Core VisuStella MZ and was a fan of Yanfly's original plug-ins from MV and even before. For MV, they had a sort of "Area of Effect" skill parameter that...
  2. Singingbun

    Which RM engine is better suited for Tactical battle system rpgs?

    Hi, terribly new here. I'll go straight to the point: I wanted to know which engine is better suited for tactical battle systems like fire emblem, Xcom or advance wars-esque. I have MV and VXA, but I'm seeing MZ plugins being made for said feature. At the moment, I'm still new to game making...
  3. yournamehere

    RMMZ Item-Based Battle System?

    Looking for a deck-building battle system where you combine items or cards as a primary form of attack. Similar to Epic Spell Wars where each turn instead of picking an attack skill you would pick an item (or multiple items) to use and those items deal attacks to monsters with various combo bonuses.
  4. Unforgivable battle mechanic

    Hi, i was thinking about make the battles in my game become very hard, by requiring player to press a button in time to guard from enemy attacks. Any mistake may lead to serious problem such as his limbs cut off, heavy bleeding thus lead to death very fast. Do you guys think if it's a good idea...
  5. Kristina

    RMMV Move status windows

    Hi game makers! I'm looking for a plugin that can move the status menus in battle. I use the front view battle system and I want to move the status windows (I think they are called) of my actors to the corners of the screen. I mostly got four actors, sometimes just two so I want an actor in...
  6. Jragyn

    [MZ] JABS - J's Action Battle System

    JABS - J's Action Battle System J / JE / Jragyn Introduction After over a decade of leveraging other people's plugins/scripts, I finally have decided to give back. Enter: JABS, my (J/JE/Jragyn) Action Battle System. Using this plugin will allow you to battles on the map akin to many popular...
  7. Anohe1

    RMMV Interactive Combo Battle System

    So I would like to know if someone can replicate a battle system like the one on this picture: Using Direction to select a command and if you select the attack command you can use active chain skills I'm trying to have a brand new battle system for my game
  8. RMMV Plugin that replaces actor upon death with the next in the queue.

    Hi there, I am working on a rework/rerelease of the old mobile game Dragon Island Blue. I´ve go a lot of people that want this game to be fully playable again without the needs of an old phone and an apple id that did download the game years ago. I´ve already set up a lot for the battle system...
  9. ArcanoTheDarksmiler

    RMMV How to implement a own Battle System with Plugins?

    Hello Guys Im very new here an i hope i get some help, thanks at this point and sorry for my bad English. Okay First i Show you a Picture that i create with Gimp it shows only my Idear for my own Battle Sytem. This is only Conzept art But my system work with Attack Circles based on a Grid...
  10. ElenorTheDark

    Chrono Cross-like battle system help.

    Hello! I'm working on a game and before I get to far I was hoping to sort out the battle system. I was wondering if any one had any recommendations on how to replicate a battle system sort of like how the engine from Chrono Cross work. Would it be possible to simulate something like this with...
  11. Tsukihime

    Hime Grid Battle Engine MZ

    The Grid Battle Engine for MV, ported to MZ! To help game developers build the battle system of their dreams, I've developed the Grid Battle Engine, which is a suite of plugins that allow you to add new mechanics to your game. The Grid Battle Engine allows you to turn your default battle...
  12. TheGameAfter

    MV Battle System - Resources (TGA)

    Hey game makers, After taking some time to continue working on my own game I'm back with a list of all the 'Battle System' developers can use for their games. Please note I'm doing this in order to save you time looking around for each of the systems below, you will still need to check for...
  13. magic_forest_sprite

    Creating custom Battle system and mini games with the in program Event editor

    Instead of plugins i make custom battle systems and mini games with the event editor that makes regular events. I just have the battle system be a common event and when the player touches a monster the common event for my battle system runs. There are variables for monster and player life...
  14. Can't think of Battle System

    I have a concept of the game in my head, but I am torn between what battle system will suit best. I have been thinking of this game in particular for years now, and I gone through many stages of what battle system will go with it. One point it was a simple turn based, then a side view, an action...
  15. Front-facing rhythm game battle system

    Does anybody got a rhythm game plugin for front-facing battle's all help is welcome.
  16. Enemy Attack Animation

    Good evening. While working on battle animations for a first person game, I've been thinking about how to indicate to the player which enemy is attacking, without having the enemy flash on screen. Eventually I decided to settle on an animation system similar to what we see in Lisa the Painful...
  17. Flaviogfx

    RPG XP battler hide during animation

    Hey everyone, i am new in this site and i need an help about a issues i found; i used a side view battle system and i want make hide the actor during the animation and get it back when is finish. I post the script i used, if someone can help me about it would be very helpful. Thanks to everyone
  18. Shamboyu

    MogHunter's Theatrhythm Customization

    My first time kind of posting this? I don’t know which form to do this on, so here goes nothing. I don’t know how to or where to contact the creator of this plugin so I’m just gonna ask on a public form? I can provide pictures of what I mean for what I want visually but. Out of all of them...
  19. zerobeat032

    RMMV Turn Based Fighting Game system of sorts...

    so I had an idea that I've halfway implemented to see how it'd work... basically you have 3 Acts. you use these exclusively for combo like strings of attacks. a slow QTE would pop up and you input a different direction or button. each being their own move. and each using 1 Act. you can also...
  20. Yanfly ATB Plug-In Casting Time Question

    Hey everybody, I hope this is the right place to post this but, I have a problem (need ideas) on what to do with Yanfly's ATB Battle System. Basically, I've got everything else running perfect and pretty but, my only grip is there doesn't seem to be a way to manually change a character's charge...

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