battle system

  1. Pass-turn System

    Hello, everyone! Here I am, boring everybody with my problems. So, I'm trying to make a Pass-turn system that works as follows: each actor will have a skill called "Pass". When used, the user will allow the next character to act. For example: A, B, C, D are the actors, A uses "Pass", so the...
  2. SergioV7

    RMMZ Timed Attacks like this

    I know title sucks I just don't know how else to describe it or how is it called, but the video describes it all. I'm guessing there is or are plugins that could help replicate a combat style similar to what the video shows, where attacks/skills benefit or require additional player inputs in...
  3. RMMZ battle system

    Hello, everyone, I have a request, need an MZ plugin, I am using the original SV battle mode, and then time to wait for the battle system, ATB battle system Specific requirements are as follows: 1. Remove the character graphic at the bottom when fighting 2. Combat Commands I want circular...
  4. supah

    Air Hockey-esque battle system?

    Salutations! I was wondering if it was possible if it is possible to create an air hockey-like battle system in RPG Maker MV with or without plugins. There's a game called Purple Skittles (none of you heard of it I'm pretty sure), and it uses this battle system. I think its possibly possible...
  5. kyonides

    SkopeMenu XP

    SkopeMenu XP Version 0.10.0 by Kyonides Introduction Did you ever want to be able to change a skill's scope on the fly? Now you can easily do that! :D Well, it is not that straightforward as you might have thought. :p Once you get a new Skill Scope Recipe, it will show up as just another...
  6. kyonides

    KBlockStates XP

    KBlockStates XP by Kyonides Introduction This script prevents your heroes or your enemies from choosing a target that is still afflicted by a Blocked Target alias Untargetable State. Set the value of the TARGET_STATE Constant found in the KBlockStates module to your Untargetable State ID...
  7. kyonides

    KBlockStates ACE

    KBlockStates ACE by Kyonides Introduction This script prevents your heroes or your enemies from choosing a target that is still afflicted by a Blocked Target alias Untargetable State. Set the value of the TARGET_STATE Constant found in the KBlockStates module to your list of Untargetable...
  8. Zero94

    RMMZ Unusual background automatic combat system

    Hello Everyone! I would like to add to my project some combat system that I saw in game via www called "Space Warriors" based on Dragon Ball manga/anime. it is uncommon and would allow me to speed up the game, avoid monotonous grind and watch the same opponents or animations hundreds of times...
  9. Dribio

    Problems with Theolized Battle System

    Hello everyone. I assume that, a few years ago, I started a project on VX Ace, but left it abandoned. After a few years, I took over the project again, and I tried my hand at making. So, the problem is that for years I've been using the Yanfly Sideview Battlers, but at the moment I've changed my...
  10. socks

    RMMV Making the battle log appear as a message.

    Hi all! Just looking for a bit of insight here. I'm not really a fan of MV's battle messages, mostly because of the speed at which they run. For my game, I would like the battle log to appear as a text box containing the unique message for the skill/item used, not playing the target animation...
  11. The-Unwritten-Artist

    RMMZ Looking for button inputs to dodge and attack

    I'm looking for a plugin for MZ that will let me implement a system where the player can press a button to make the actor dodge enemy attacks, or deal more than one hit to an enemy. I can't get any paywalled plugins, and FOSSIL isn't very cooperative.
  12. RMMZ Chrono Trigger battle system?

    Are there any plugins for MZ that add a battle system to the game that allows you to fight enemies on the map instead of going to a seperate battle screen? I've read there used to be such a plugin for MV, but that doesn't help me.
  13. thethomasink

    Battle Formations and Information?

    Howdy all, I was curious if anyone knew what the base mechanics and numbers were for battle formations as available in the player menu commands. I was curious how all it affects damage values and attacks and jazz like that. Additionally, does anyone know if and where I can find like a manual or...
  14. Rock-Scissors-Paper style battle

    Hello, I am trying to make a rock-scissors-paper-style battle system. I think there maybe exists a thread regarding this system; if so, please let me know. Each skill has 1 of 3 types (rock/scissors/paper). e.g. skill a / skill b / skill c / ...: Rock skill A / skill B / skill C / ...
  15. Soybean

    Battles without attacking?

    Kind of a weird idea and I don't know if it's possible but how would I go about making fights without attacking? The enemy would attack the player, and the player uses the arrow keys to dodge. Every time you successfully dodge a bar on screen goes up, and when the bar is full the fight will end...
  16. BlackRoseMii

    Annoying problem with applying states

    The title might sound simple, but it's actually a complicated problem (at least for me, but I'm dumb anyway.) So I apologize in advance if it's an annoying question. This is the situation: I want to make a skill where the enemy takes one turn to "charge up" and the next turn it will use one...
  17. RMMV Plugins to re-create the Mario & Luigi series battle system

    I Know Calliestar already made a post like this before in 2018 and I also know about plugins like VE, SRDudes', etc. But I wonder if there are anymore plugins like them in 2022
  18. NIP

    old thread

    idk how to delete threads so uh
  19. Uzuki

    How To Create A Isometric/Behind The Character Battle View In Rpg Maker MZ?

    Hello, I'm looking to create a isometric/Behind The Character Battle view for my game. Something akin to like the camera view in Persona 2: Now I know that it's mainly all perspective and illusion tricks, but I'm having issues with placing the actor battler sprites in the proper battle party...
  20. JacSkulls

    RMMZ Is it possible and does it exist?

    I remember growing up and playing this game called Epic War 5. It's a strategy side view scroller type of game but I don't know the exact type of system it really is or I'd try to find it by myself. Does anyone know if this is possible to make via RPG Maker MZ? And does it exist or something...

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