1. Sideview battle foreground?

    Is it possible to do that? I've been toying around with making a tokusatsu hero style game, already got to time explosions on death and even have a second battle with enemy presumably bigger (sprite enlarged) is it possible to add like a foreground of building/forest tops for when the party gets...
  2. W.M.K

    Eventing specific moves to play in a battle event for a non-playable character

    So basically, I'm trying to create a battle event where there are three characters, and only one specific character is playable by the user. I want to be able to choose what moves the other two characters will do, and then the playable character can do whatever move they choose to do. Let me...
  3. hatesec

    RMMZ Battle menu: Press right --> to access Guard command

    Hi everyone. I could not find any plugins or suggestions having to do with the Guard move (besides removing it from the battle menu). I have very limited javascript knowledge, so any advice or assistance is much appreciated. I want to move Guard/Defend off the visible menu, and have it be...
  4. Problem using BattleManager.actor (MV)

    Hello, I am trying to display my actors' portraits during battle the following way : - When actor A is choosing an action, display portrait actor A - When actor B is choosing an action, display portrait actor B - etc... After some research, I discovered that I need to use...
  5. Making variables link to the players HP and influence in-battle

    Hello everyone! Continuing my questions about the coding of my school project, today I wanna ask for your help with making variables interfere on the battles. The idea of it basically is: If the players HP (8100) loses 1215, the variable's value should go to 9. Whenever the players loses 1215 HP...
  6. kyonides

    BattleItems XP

    BattleItems XP by Kyonides Introduction It simply lets you define whether or not you can use items during battles by turning a Game Switch ON. You can also disable the access to some BLOCKABLE_ITEMS if the Game Switch set to the BLOCK_SOME_SWITCH_ID Constant is turned ON. Download Now It's...
  7. kyonides

    BattleItems VX

    BattleItems VX by Kyonides Introduction It simply lets you define whether or not you can use items during battles by turning a Game Switch ON. A specific Item Note blocks the access to a given item. Requires a particular Game Switch to be turned ON. n stands for any Number. <battle block...
  8. kyonides

    BattleItems ACE

    BattleItems ACE by Kyonides Introduction For Both Kiwi & Mango Releases It simply lets you define whether or not you can use items during battles by turning a Game Switch ON. For Mango Version A specific Item Note blocks the access to a given item. Requires a particular Game Switch to be...
  9. SergioV7

    RMMZ Any way to flip the battlers and enemies side?

    Title is pretty self explanatory, but just in case I would like to change invert the position of the enemies and characters, usually the characters are on the right side, I'd like it so they would be on the left instead
  10. SergioV7

    RMMZ Timed Attacks like this

    I know title sucks I just don't know how else to describe it or how is it called, but the video describes it all. I'm guessing there is or are plugins that could help replicate a combat style similar to what the video shows, where attacks/skills benefit or require additional player inputs in...
  11. MogHunter HUD plugin glitching the Battle Animations?

    Hello! I've been using Moghunter HUD plugin to in my project. However, I realized it glitches some animations for some reason. Any animation set as "Screen" in the Animations tab no longer displays at the center of the screen, instead, they are set at the top left corner for some reason. I asume...
  12. On the issue of game FPS count

    My English is not good, so many of the following words come from Machine translation. I'm very sorry.But I still earnestly request someone to help me. Since I learned how to use combat related plugins by YEP,such as YEP_SkillCore,YEP_AutoPassive,YEP_BuffsStateCore,and so on.I have set 6-7...
  13. Portola

    Custom battle HUD help.

    I was trying to use the HUD maker, but I don't know how to change the menu editor section, for example, change the actor commands to custom buttons. I also don't know how to make certain elements disappear depending on which combat tab you are in. I can't find any tutorial to help me modify the...
  14. DiogoAsgard

    RMMV YAN FLY BATTLE PLUGINS How to ADD a Common Event on a skill?

    Hi, I am new to the RPG MAKER MV and I am making a game. I used to make my games on RPG MAKER XP but never scripted anything. Today, I only know how to make the plugins work. Or I try.... I am using the free YEP PLUGINS including the battle plugins. I want to add a video before my character...
  15. RMMZ How to alter the accuracy of a random multi-hit move? (w/ Victor Engine)

    I want to make a Rampage-type of move, that hits multiple targets randomly up to 4 times. However, base RPG Maker doesn't let me change a move's individual accuracy. I'm trying to use Victor Engine's Hit Formula to alter it, but it only lets me alter the Default Formula and doesn't let me add...
  16. RMMZ CCEx created character crashes game on battle screen

    RMMZ 1.5.0 I've been working on project (arena 1v1 duel sim) and I'm encountering an error during playtest whenever beginning battle processing: Error Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute 'getImageData' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': Value is not of type 'long'. The CCEx plugins were...
  17. May_Trash

    How to turn enemy's escape from battle into a loss?

    Hello! I want to make a specific type of encounter with animals where all they do is try to escape the battle. I have worked out this part, my issue is that if they do escape it counts as a win for the player when I want it to be a loss. Is there a quick way to turn the enemy's escape from...
  18. Sammyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    RMMV Changing Text Color of Battle Help Window

    Hiii, so this may be confusing but I'll try to explain. Is there any way to change the color of the text that appears only in the battle help window without changing the system's text color? I'd like my system's text to be a dark dark purple however it's difficult to read with the black...
  19. kyonides

    RMXP Fights & Special Guests or Reinforcements

    I picked RMXP but it could just apply to the rest of the engines as well. Since I've been working in 2 ports of a single frontview battle system, one particular idea crossed my mind. Is it crazy? Or is it very old and stenchy? :S What if I could allow the party to summon a guest fighter or...
  20. RMMV Moghunter Battle HUD - Help with a small edit on the plugin!

    Hello! I'm working in customizing a battle HUD, everything is working well, however, I encountered an issue I didn't notice until now x_x Concept: My main character can swap between 2 forms, for that I simply used a "Change Actor Image" command and a Switch. Issue: After I implemented...

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