1. how do i make the mother 3 hud

    i wanna make my games battle hud look like mother 3's hud (example below) any ways i could replicate it?
  2. RMMV Alternative to YEP Battle Status Window

    Post title. Yanfly's plugin is the only one i could find that can do what i need for my game, that being showing animations on top of the character profiles in a front view battle system. Unfortunately, i cant afford to buy any of yanflys plugins at the moment so ill need to fins an alternative...
  3. Battle Window Opacity

    Hello, all! Thank you in advance for your help, I've tried searching forums for a similar topic but I admit I'm not even sure what terms I would be looking for (as searching for "window opacity" on it's own warrants hundreds of results). I'm wanting all the windows in my game to have no...
  4. Vis_Mage

    RMMV MOG Battle HUD - Change how HP/MP bars are Drawn back to Default

    Hey, I have a bit of an odd request. I'm attempting to use MOG's Battle Hud plugin (Xillia format, although I'm not sure that matters), and am running into an issue with how it interacts with some other plugins regarding HP and MP bars. In particular, Moghunter's plugin completely changes how...
  5. Is there any way I can set a state to be a condition for another state to be inflicted?

    Like, I want first the player to have to unbalance an enemy to then be able to put it into another weakened state. I tried to alter the 'state rate' in Unbalance for the next one to be at *1000, as the second state only has 10% chance to be inflicted, but it doesn't seem to work. Is this...
  6. RMMV Enemy Actions Log

    You guys know any plugin that record enemies' actions in battle? I think it's a great feature to be able to re-check what actions enemies took & their effects (skills' description). Hopefully somebody will make a plugin for this, thanks
  7. FxckBanshee

    RMMZ Change enemy sprite on damage

    Is there a way and/or plugin to change an enemy's sprite when taking damage, similar to how it is done in MapleStory. I'm working/planning on making a game, and I'd love to have a seperate sprite for enemies when they take damage to add an extra layer to attacks. Here's a preview from MapleStory:
  8. need help on script in locking enemy and use special skill in battle

    So I create an enemy that transforms on death. that transform on death is a success, but problems are 'locking' it. using Hime plugin, add enemy from troop 30 which is ----- now the main part. as you see below, every 3 turn there will be rng. hit 2, add var for 'next event'. (the checkpoint...
  9. RMMV Pokémon LOOKING Battle System

    I'm trying to make a battle system that looks like Pokémon Diamond/Pearl. It doesn't have to play like it, because it only really has to be used once, and will probably be heavily scripted, but it has to look somewhat similar. All suggestions are welcome, as I don't know a thing about how to do...
  10. Kemezryp

    RMMV YEP_BattleStatusWindow - need a script call to make actor's face flash

    Normally, when enemy is about to attack, they flash and make a sound. I want to make a similar effect for actors (because if multiple actors use the same skill, it gets confusing who attacks when). I already found a function in YEP_BattleEngineCore that does things before actor's turn. It's...
  11. KrimsonKatt

    Enemy that completely copies actor?

    So in my game there is an optional boss called "Replica" which consists of 4 battlers that completely copy everything about the actors participating in the battle. All stats including HP, AP, (MMP) STR, (ATK) DEF, MAG, (MAT) RES, (MDF) SPD, (AGI) and SKL, (LUK) weapons and armor equipped and the...
  12. Lord Vectra

    Change Equipment During Battle

    I'm in need of a script that allows you to change equipment during battle. I specifically only need to be able to change weapons. Found this on a site but not from the original author. It doesn't work (at all) without edits. So I made minor edits so it's plug & play. Place this below any custom...
  13. RMMZ Increase stepping forward distance of a character in sideview issue

    Is there a simple way to increase the distance a character moves forward in sideview when it is their turn? I'm currently using a lot of the Visustella plugins. But I couldn't find anything in the battle core for example that would help with that.
  14. RMMZ Is there something similar to YEP VisualHPGauge for MZ?

    I'm searching for something that works similar to YEP VisualHPGauge but for MZ and compatible with the Visustella Plugins. Since for some reason no one seems to have interest in HP Gauges that display numbers or are only visible while targeting enemy or actor. So what is required? - scaleable...
  15. ScorchedGround

    Adding different states via common event (At the start of battle)

    So what I want to do is add certain states to all enemies at the start of any battle. I'll be doing this via YEP_BaseTroopEvents which calls a common event on Turn 0 of every battle. The main issue here is that I don't want every enemy to gain the same state. Basically; All enemies gain the...
  16. ccarsas

    MOG - Consecutive Battles (v1.1) (Adapted for MZ)

    All credits to the author. Author: Moghunter Original version for MV. Editor: ccarsas (Myself :p) Translated by me. Hello all, this is a plugin created by Moghunter, it let you make consecutive battles as the name says. So you can defeat enemies in waves. I made some changes to make the plugin...
  17. RMMZ Team attacks

    So I've been making a game like the mario and luigi series and I've been wondering if there is a way to make team attacks like the bro attacks in their games. For example : When you use a team attack all your teammates need to be alive and it costs some MP. Is it possible? Any response will be...
  18. ccarsas

    Torygoya Autoitems and Skills (Moded for MZ)

    Torygoya_Autoitems (Moded for MZ) Jan 30/21 Hello, this plugin is from the autor: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan). The user tale, made the translation of the help for MV. I change some parameters for work with MZ because the MV versions have some issues of compatibility. Now for MZ: Help for use the...
  19. Choussen

    Animated enemy on overworld & start battle after touching it

    Hi everyone ! I tried to search for a similar thread but I couldn't find anything. ( maybe I was searching with the wrong keywords? Idk soz) I wanted to ask you all if you knew a way to animate an enemy on overworld and make it start a battle when being touched. I'll give you more informations...
  20. WhyIamaPotato

    Help with aligning enemies on the battle screen

    So I reused sprites I used for a previous game on the default screen resolution, but I'm remaking this game with the 1024 x 768 resolution. When making enemy troups, I align the enemies as usual. In battle though, they always appear at the top left part of the screen, like they can't align at...

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