1. Random skill given to character in each turn of the battle

    HI I'm trying to make a special battle system where in each turn, the character's four skills get randomized in a pool of 100 skills, so each turn the character will have different and random skills. Is there any way to do this? Also I want it to skip straight to the skill selection when...
  2. numituwi

    Battle Screen Mockup [Is it possible to make this?]

    Good evening! :kaothx: I was wondering if I can do something like this in Rpg Maker MV's battle screen? This is a mockup I created in Adobe After Effects. I don't know how to program so if any plugins can do this I'm more than welcome to use those! Here is a still in case the video won't...
  3. UnknownTrope

    Mana that Functions as Health Bar

    Howdy, all! I come to these forums with a bit of a problem. See, I've been trying to add in this mechanic into my game that I think would be fun and all, but I can't seem to find a plugin or formula that actually ALLOWS me to do that. Essentially, the mechanic is as follows: Your mana functions...
  4. Mjolk

    RMMV Free Turn Battle System

    Hello. Is there a free (character select) turn system for MV like this?

    RMMZ Remove 'item' access during game?

    hey devs, I'm making a game where there is a sad final boss where you shouldnt be able to use any items. Is there a way I can remove the 'Item' button during gameplay or a battle?
  6. BrickleYourFrickle

    [VXAce] How to display Attack & Speed stats in the battle menu?

    I'm using Yanfly's Battle Engine. My game's combat is very simplistic and there are only 3 stats. HP, Atk, and Speed. In battle, below the actor's HP, I'd like to display the current ATK and Speed of that actor. I already figured out how to disable the MP/TP bars in battle by just...
  7. Jomy10

    RTBS - Real Time Battle System

    I've been working on a game for the last few weeks and wanted a realtime battle system. The Chrono engine didn't provide what I wanted and it wasn't exactly easy to set up. So I figured why not make my own? Features - Attack animations - Weapons can deal more damage - Ranged weapons (they are...
  8. Kurffy

    How do I make it so that after a battle, it'll teleport the player to another area

    I'm pretty new to rpg maker in general so i'm not entirely sure what i'm doing. But what i'm attempting to do, is make it so that after a rare enemy encounter, it teleports the player to a hidden area. But instead of doing that, the player stays in the same room. Please help ;-; - A new user
  9. Kitten2021

    How to create a Battle Tutorial event - within a battle

    Hello, I have someone that has never played an RPG Maker game before, and I am trying to make a game specifically for him to enjoy - but I am running into a bit of a confusing issue. I would like to run him through his very first battle with a tutorial, you know, the whole "We're against XYZ...
  10. DarkGTX88

    RMMV Start on "Party Command Window" with CTB System? (Yanfly)

    I am using Yanfly's 'Battle Engine Core' with his CTB extension (YEP_X_BattleSysCTB.js). Even though the 'Start Actor Command' parameter is set to 'false' on the 'Battle Engine Core,' I am finding that with the CTB extension activated, the battle defaults to the Actor Command Window. The Party...
  11. Looperdooper

    Any way to do the little sprite thing like in Mother 3? [MV]

    Here is an example of what I am looking for. By sprite thing, I mean how you can see a little sprite of said character over Kumatora. I'm using SRDBattleStatusCustomizer and I'm not sure if you can edit it to do this but I'm just seeing if it is possible or not, here is a link to that as well...
  12. RMMV rhythm game inspired combat system?

    i'm still kinda new at the whole RPG maker thing. i've never really delved into the combat system because ive put all of my time into making the sprites look pretty and the dialogue being good. personally, i've never really been a huge fan of traditional combat systems and i had the idea of...
  13. MilkyMcGee

    Custom Damage and Health

    Hello there. I am making a game right now on RPG Maker MV and I wanted to make my own custom skills, attacks and health. I want to make the characters health to be about 50 or 100 HP, the attack and magic to deal 20 to 30 damage and I don´t want my characters to level up. Can someone help me...
  14. RMMZ Basic knowledge to the default RMMZ TPBS battle flow implementations

    This topic aims to share the basic knowledge on what the default RMMZ TPBS battle flow implementations do in general, but you're still assumed to have at least: 1. Some plugin development proficiency(having written several easy, simple and small battle-related plugins up to 1k LoC scale) 2...
  15. RMMZ Basic knowledge to the default RMMZ turn based battle flow implementations

    This topic aims to share the basic knowledge on what the default RMMZ turn based battle flow implementations do in general, but you're still assumed to have at least: 1. Little javascript coding proficiency(barely okay with writing rudimentary Javascript codes up to 300 LoC scale) 2. Basic...
  16. Vhirous

    RMMV Enemy Cry On Battle Start Like Pokémon!

    Hello everyone! It's been 10 years since I've joined this community and I'm happy to see it's still bustling! Anyways, that's off topic. I'm making a personal project, but I'd love it for future commercial projects! I haven't been able to find a plugin that matches what I need. I searched the...
  17. Austintatious

    Prevent automatically advancing battle text

    The skill use flavor text I'm using has very variable length for different skills therefore merely slowing down the auto-advance speed for battle text will not be sufficient. I want the player to be able to skip through the battle text as fast as they can push the confirm button, but I don't...
  18. Lonewulf123

    [VX ACE] Help with Map Image as Battleback

    Hello, I'm having a bit of an issue because of an interesting way I'm utilizing battle transitions. Basically, I want to use the current map the player is standing on as a battle background. This typically isn't a problem, as their are tons of scripts and snippets that allow you to do so...
  19. Draw HP bars after the battle start

    At the start of the battle, the battlers HP bars appears as the characters move towards their home positions. I want to show a black screen that hides characters sprite loading. I managed to hide the UI with VS plugins but the HP still shows above the black screen (Black picture not parallax)...
  20. Waluigis_Taco_Stand

    RMMV How to add image depending on attacking actor

    I simply want an image to rise and drop depending on which actors turn it is. For reference Mother 3 has the character pop there head out of the battle hud.https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxA_NzM5D9xyLEw3ioCfoHGrNY2y7nNiNs(Click here for reference). To be clear I'm not asking for a mother 3 battle...

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