battleback help

  1. KaykSux

    Anyway to create animated battlebacks?

    I'm trying to find a way to make animated battle backgrounds similar to Earthbound I've looked quite a hefty bit but wasn't able to find any plugin or anything of the sort to help me do it, Any suggestions or solutions would be mighty appreciated!
  2. Lummy

    (MV) Looking for a Certain Battleback

    Hey all! So I'm having a bit of trouble finding usable resources for a specific battleback that I would like to use for a big boss fight in a game project. What I basically have in mind is the battleback itself being at the edge of a cliff side in the middle, the left side being the sky where a...
  3. void_of_the_mind

    Animated Battleback GIFs

    I wish to make animated backdrops for one of my games but I am currently having trouble working with the Plugin. This is the plugin I'm using: I am still tinkering with the method that plugins work, given that this is the first time...

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