1. Problem with Theo_AnimBattleBack

    Tried using Theo Allen's animated battle back script but have been running into a reoccurring issue. I get an error saying it can't find the graphic for the battle back. I followed the instructions exactly but got the same issue even when I tried to use the script in a new project altogether...
  2. wanderingRapscallion

    SRD's Scrolling Battleback plugin: Any way to make it tilted? Here's what i mean:

    In my game, I'm trying to have the ground move infinitely in one direction, like this. I know I could pay for PKD's Video Player plugin and try to make this in another software (I already use it for the enemy sprites) but I lack expertise in any 3D program. I was wondering if there was any...
  3. Help finding Office battlebacks MV/MZ

    I have searched for a while now and come up short. If anyone has resources or links for inside a work office (battlebacks) with desks, monitors or anything resembling inside an office. Its for a fight that takes place inside a police station, which is basically an office. Thanks. Also on a side...
  4. KaitlynKitty

    RMMV Render Battleback on Map Scene

    I'm looking for a plugin that renders battlebacks in a layer above tiles and sprites, but below pictures and text boxes. Ideally I'd like it to work with a single plugin command that defaults to the current map's specified battleback.
  5. KawaiiKid

    RMMV Moghunter Battlebackex screen position

    I'm using Mog's battle camera and battle back addon, but the battle backs are showing in the corner instead of centering. There are no options in the plugin files to change to location of the battle back and I'm wonder if I'm SoL here. Here is a link to the moghunter master file...
  6. Synchromystic

    RMMZ Pseudo 3D Battles plugin - BG Shift Problem

    I've been trying out this neat new plugin for MZ that turns ordinary 2D battebacks into a pseudo-3D environment, looks great in the demo video but in my own project it's aligning my characters much higher up, with some of them hovering over the upper background image instead of on the ground...
  7. Vis_Mage

    Vaporwave Aesthetic Resources

    Hey there! :kaohi: I was wondering if anyone was aware of any Vaporwave-esque resources? I'm mostly looking for paralaxe backgrounds, battlebacks, and tilesets, although any resources are much appreciated. Also, I'm using MV, but any size works just as well.
  8. RMMV RPG Maker MV Animated GIF Battleback Request

    Hi there, I'm looking for an RPG Maker MV plugin that can change the background to an animated GIF. I am aware of Galvs old animated plugin that allows you to use sequenced PNG images, but it doesn't work at all for me when it comes to using very very large GIF animations that have over 120...
  9. ovate

    com_sho Sideview characters (Sci-Fi edits)

    With permission from コミュ将 (com-sho), I'm sharing edits that are inspired from Japanese-style Sideview battlers here. To get material- Right click on the images and Save Image As. Terms of Use If you use characters and face set, you need to license for RPG Maker MV or RPG tkool MV. These are...
  10. ovate

    com_sho Obscure Battlebacks

    With permission from コミュ将 (com-sho), I'm reposting battlebacks that I edited from scenic parallaxes here. Battlebacks types are swapped. Could fit for fantasy scenery, sci-fi/ space, horror/ psychological, natural Two sizes are available: 1000x740 and 580x444 Note: Some battlebacks might not...
  11. ovate

    RM2k RTP Animations, Battlebacks, and Monsters for XP

    Some scale work are involved to fit in with RPG Maker XP. Animations are scale 2x with nearest neighbor. These animations are suitable for projects with pixel aesthetics. Contains- Arrow, Axe, Barrier, Bite, Blow, Breath, Buff, Claw, Dark, Debuff, Earth, Explosion, Fire1-2, Holy, Ice, Other...
  12. ovate

    Simplistic Style Battlebacks (3 Resolutions) [Public Domain]

    I'm sharing simplistic backgrounds here since they're released under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Backgrounds are originally released by ramses2099 at OpenGameArt, I've done edits suitable for battleback. Total of 6 images- cave, desert, grass, ridge, road, snow 3 sizes are...
  13. thecursedcometh

    GIF As Battleback?

    I can't seem to find a plugin that allows a gif to be the battleback. The few I've seen require you to split the gif into a sequence of pngs, which is fine if there's no alternative. If there's any plugin like this, please let me know. I've looked for a while now and can't find any.
  14. Vis_Mage

    MV Retro Battlebacks

    Hello, Does anyone know of any retro 8 or 16 bit-styled battlebacks? I'm looking to use it in MV, but any size is appreciated.
  15. ovate

    Cethiel - Background Battlebacks

    From the details of background art, I think it looks similar to XP RTP battlebacks. It could be of use for projects with specific or minimal setting. Maybe dark fantasy? Battlebacks include: canyon 1-2, cloud, woods A-D License - Public Domain Credit not necessary, original artist...
  16. ovate

    Altar/ Dark Ruins Battlebacks

    I wonder if there are battlebacks that could fit with Dark Fantasy characters pack. I found backgrounds and a base which blends well together. Base was isometric. Dark Ruins base was edited with perspective tool to make ground look leveled. Altar looks okay but not crisp. Backgrounds are...
  17. ovate

    [Nidhoggn] Painterly Style Battlebacks (4 Resolutions)

    I'm sharing RPG backgrounds by Nidhoggn here since they're released under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Total of 10 images with parallax (9), no parallax for XP size 4 sizes are available: 640x320, 580x444, 1104x621, 1000x740 640x320 = RMXP | 580x444 = RMVA | 1104x621 = original |...
  18. DerivativeD

    How to change enemy sprites and battleback on skill use?

    Hello! I'm extremely new to RPG Maker so I'm a little bit lost with this one. Basically, I want to implement a skill you can use in battle that will switch the enemy sprite and battleback between two states. So if you use the skill while State 1 is active, it will change to State 2, and visa...
  19. Lummy

    (MV) Looking for a Certain Battleback

    Hey all! So I'm having a bit of trouble finding usable resources for a specific battleback that I would like to use for a big boss fight in a game project. What I basically have in mind is the battleback itself being at the edge of a cliff side in the middle, the left side being the sky where a...
  20. ovate

    [Pixel-boy] Battlebacks Pack (2 Resolutions)

    I'm sharing the battlebacks pack by Pixel-boy here since they're released under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Total of 24 images. (12 battlebacks with a night version) 2 sizes are available: 640x320, 640x480 640x320 are cropped version of the original resolution and maybe use for...

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