1. Battle Back Grounds and some sv enemies

    I needed a dark jungle background so i edited some of the stock ones that came with MV. For now i only have one to share as the only needs to be reworked but figured someone might be able to get use out of this one. Unfortunately i had to combine both the foreground and background so they would...
  2. Kevin Eontrainer

    Script Call to Revert Battleback into Map Specified

    Hello, guys! I made an attack animation that changes battleback using common events. It works fine, until I realized how difficult it is to revert the battleback into the original. It'd be great if we can just set the change battleback into the one we already set in the Map Properties...
  3. vectorinox

    Show battleback as picture.

    So... I got an event running where the characters talk, and I wanted to use the map battleback as background picture without prompting for battle. Is there a default command or script call for this? Or do I really need a plugin for this simple thing?
  4. Kevin Eontrainer

    Animation Changes Battleback

    Hello guys I'm new here :D I've been making an RPG game lately and I reqally do like making cool attack animations. But there's one more thing that is missing.... the background effects. Have you guys ever played like a Pokemon game? Certain moves like Blizzard or Psychic changes the...
  5. StrawBearyGames

    Battleback warping bug?

    I'm having a weird problem where the battleback is warped... I'm not entirely sure what happened. It's supposed to be both the top and bottom Grassland battleback but it just seemed to have warped into a completely unidentifiable gradient of color. If it helps I have AtelierRGSS' Battle HUD...
  6. wrigty12

    Request - MV Lakeside Battleback?

    Resource Type: Battleback (Probably Battleback2) Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description:  Surprisingly, I could not find a Lake/Lakeside battleback for MV. I'm looking for something similar to the original Bridge Battleback2, but with a lake/lake water in the background. It can...
  7. Need a matching battleback for DemonCastle3

    I'm trying to make a battle in an evil-esque throne room using the DemonCastle3 battleback, but there's no matching counterpart for the floor. Does anyone know of a good red carpet to match this?
  8. Eilwyn

    Resolution, Battle Background and Picture Issues

    Hi all, So, I'm suddenly in a bind with my game.  The problems I'm having revolve around my screen resolution. Here are some some bits of information to help show where I'm at and what the problems themselves actually are: 1. I've used the Yanfly Core Plugin to change my resolution to...
  9. Changing Battleback Back

    Hello, I am currently lost in one place in my project. I have made a skill that apart from dealing large amount of damage changes the battleback to relfect the destruction that followed the use of the skill. However, changing the battleback during the battle (I have a script fix to be able to...
  10. TheGamedawg

    Looking for a wavy battleback plugin

    You guys know those wavy battle backgrounds in games like Earthbound?  I was wondering is anyone has recreated something like that in MV. I remember seeing a game called Hylics do exactly what I'm trying to do back in VX Ace so I'd imagine it would be very possible.  This is a trailer for the...
  11. Map As Battle Background

    Hi, everybody! I made simple little snippet to make the battle background a screenshot of the map. #============================================================================== class Spriteset_Battle #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def...
  12. Battleback not appearing

    I put my battleback image into the battlebacks1 folder and the game detects it but when I select it it appears like this: It doesn't show the image at all. This is the image it should be showing : That image(judahbb) is a png just like the default images and is also 1000x740 but...
  13. Battleback error

    Help! I'm a total noob I'm making a game for my class tomorrow and this keeps showing up when I try to make the battle processing begin I get this error and for the life of me I don't know what to do. 
  14. firestalker

    Beach Battle Back

    I created a Battle Back for a battle that takes place on a beach.  I created it for the SV Battle, but I think it could be used for the FV as well. There is no Battle Back 2, so make that "None" when you use this... Also i have one with and one without Palm Trees. Let me know what you think...
  15. ARMR

    [RMVXAce] How can battlebacks be stretched to fit 640x480?

    Is there any way to do this seamlessly? Or do I have to go battleback by battleback, editing one by one in Paint. Thanks in advance :) -Edited- Added some tags. And found a quick solution! A resource pack with all the RTP files in glorious 640x480. Sharing for all those looking for this...
  16. Tyruswoo

    Battle Background Control by Tyruswoo

    Battle Background Control Plugin by Tyruswoo For RPG Maker MV Description: Battle Background Control provides options for how battle backgrounds are assigned to maps that use an Overworld tileset. You can change which image files are used for the battle backgrounds for each...
  17. Tsukihime

    Change Battleback

    Battle backgrounds can be used to provide some sense of atmosphere. For example, if you're walking through a forest and you encounter an enemy, seeing some cute bunnies and trees in the background makes it feel like a forest. However, if you see dead bunnies and dying trees in the background...
  18. Sinweaver

    Sin's Little bit of Everything

    Not focused on making something in particular, hence the title is what it is. I make whatever that I need whenever they are needed, and perhaps answer random request that caught my eyes and is within my capability. Nothing spectacular, but I figure there might be people who might find these...
  19. Kes

    Scrolling Battleback?

    The title says it all.  I am wondering if it is possible to set a battleback to scrolling, rather than static. If it is not, and I suspect that it won't be, my alternative would be to transfer the party to a map with a scrolling parallax.  However, how would I stop the Battle Processing command...
  20. JamesRyan

    Need helps about Battle Back

    Hi guys, As the title, i wanna ask about how to modify battleback picture. In the picture below, i just wanna make the Battleback 2 (The bridge + stream) a bit higher so the actors will have more space to stand. Is there a way to do it via RPG Maker (Through scripts or something)?

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