1. galacticpink

    Battleback Dimensions?

    So I'm going to be making my own graphics for the game I'm just now getting into (in all honesty I'm still working out the plot) and I was wondering what the dimensions of the battlebacks are? On their own and the 'full' versions (so both the background and foreground put together). My primary...
  2. galacticpink

    Battlebacks Coming Up Abstract On World Map? This Might Be Your Problem!

    So I recently spent the last hour struggling with a thing in the program. I was following along in Kelsper's excellent Beginner's Guide and ended up with a problem. At one point my world map battlebacks had changed to the swirly abstract look and I couldn't figure out what I'd done wrong. I...
  3. Horrow

    Horrow Studio's Workshop

    [Called Horrow Studio but there're only me :P ] First,Here's a drawing I working on for a game (Hand-drawing before scan it to computer and do more work. First,Rule of my shop: -I accept many kinds of graphic.From Portrait,Faces,background,battlers,etc... -Credits me if you use,I deserve to...
  4. JoePro

    [Joe Pro] Map Battleback

    class Map Battleback(version 1.1)     def Initialize:        Very simple edit. Allows you to use the map as you battleback no settings just have fun.   end     def Features: Uses $game_map for the battleback image.   end   def How to use:        This script is Plug & Play   end    ...
  5. Jory4001

    Jory4001's Resources!

      #Jory4001's Resources. 1.) I will be posting all my custom graphics here for all to use in any Non-Commercial game. 2.) The resources I create will all be for RPG Maker VX Ace, feel free to edit them for use in other rpg maker versions. 3.) Please give credit where due, and do not re-upload...
  6. Holder

    Holders Battlebacks

    Holders Battlebacks Please click each thumbnail for the full Animated Battler XP, VX, VXAce sheet. Terms of use Please check the new terms of use at my blog. Happy Christmas everyone, this may just be a few variations of a grass field but it took quite some time to get right. This is also the...
  7. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Looking for some "Futuristic" Resources

    Our upcoming project, VoltAge, has a kind of steampunk/post apocalyptic setting, and we are having a bit of trouble finding resources we can use. We already have the "Futuristic" pack available from the store, but if anyone knows of any treasures in the way of icons, battlers, etc. that are...
  8. profdemetri

    Prof's Naga Warrior Release

    Welcome to my first release!   A Naga themed warrior set for all to use.  Made with VX Ace in mind, these resources can be used in whatever way you see fit.   With that being said, if you do decide to use the sprite set, don't feel the need to credit me as it was an edit for Loose Leaf...
  9. HenryXLII

    Changing Battle Back Mid Fight

    So say I want to make a boss so big they them selves are the background and I make the enemy invisible so you just see the background. Is there a way I can make the background turn into something else or fade off when the boss is defeated? And also is there a way to change it before the battle...

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