1. KaykSux

    Anyway to create animated battlebacks?

    I'm trying to find a way to make animated battle backgrounds similar to Earthbound I've looked quite a hefty bit but wasn't able to find any plugin or anything of the sort to help me do it, Any suggestions or solutions would be mighty appreciated!
  2. tale

    Strategy RTP Battlebacks Sets

    I was thinking of gba Fire Emblem-like battlebacks while messing with perspective paint tool. There are two sets with 2 types of battlebacks. Types are swapped. Both sets are separate zip. battlebacks1 is 75% centered instead of at the top. Screen resolution width is ok up to 1000. Original...
  3. Yougotsomechocolate

    How would you exactly do a Battleback using RTP

    Basically, Making a map, Then using it as an Battleback by either taking a photo or some other option? How would it be sized to be a battleback? Edit: I think I just answered myself. Thanks mlogan for making me relies that.
  4. Yitzi Litt

    How can I manipulate battle background?

    I want to make the battleback rotate, but can't figure out how to call it in the first place ;_: (I'm new to this whole coding thing, don't judge me) Could I get some advice on how to perform a small manipulation on the battleback every frame of battle? Thanks, Yitz
  5. bug with battleback that "cut" at the middle.

    Hello, I have a bug with my battleback. launch the soft for the first time today, and I have this, don't know why ... my battleback is "cut" at the middle. please understand i couldn't upload the picture cause my situation. If I change the battleback, I have the same problem. Any help please :(
  6. BigSharkZ

    Battleback filter plugin? (Earthbound / Mother 3 style)

    Hi all! I was wondering if it was possible to add multiple effects and filters to battlebacks, especially some sort of wavy effect such as the backgrounds used in Earthbound / Mother 2 and Mother 3. Mother 2's animated backgrounds can be found here...
  7. Haven Frost

    RPG Maker VX Battle Background help please

    Hi, I am new to battle back ground stuff, I have everything running smoothly so far for a game I am working on accept I don't like the preset back ground the start you off with. The blurred image with the swirling animation is to plain and simple to me. I was wondering if anyone could help me...

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