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  1. GamingPlusPlus

    Pokemon Resources

    I am looking for a load of pokemon resources that i can use for my game Resources---- *Pokemon Battler Img's *Pokemon Sprites Gen 1-8 (i would like to be able to edit them if i choose to) *Pokemon Animations(Moves/Attacks) *Npc's People Different from other games(just surprise me) *Npc Pokemon...
  2. Lummy

    (MV) Looking for a Certain Battleback

    Hey all! So I'm having a bit of trouble finding usable resources for a specific battleback that I would like to use for a big boss fight in a game project. What I basically have in mind is the battleback itself being at the edge of a cliff side in the middle, the left side being the sky where a...
  3. Sim12345


    I'm having a very difficult time finding people who make them! I've looked through the lists for them and most people don't allow use for commercial use. Preferably free for use, but even if they have terms for commercial use, thats okay too. Looking for all sorts of different battlebacks for...

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