1. tale

    Cethiel - Background Battlebacks

    From the details of background art, I think it looks similar to XP RTP battlebacks. It could be of use for projects with specific or minimal setting. Maybe dark fantasy? Battlebacks include: canyon 1-2, cloud, woods A-D License - Public Domain Credit not necessary, original artist...
  2. tale

    Altar/ Dark Ruins Battlebacks

    I wonder if there are battlebacks that could fit with Dark Fantasy characters pack. I found backgrounds and a base which blends well together. Base was isometric. Dark Ruins base was edited with perspective tool to make ground look leveled. Altar looks okay but not crisp. Backgrounds are...
  3. tale

    [Nidhoggn] Painterly Style Battlebacks (4 Resolutions)

    I'm sharing RPG backgrounds by Nidhoggn here since they're released under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Total of 10 images with parallax (9), no parallax for XP size 4 sizes are available: 640x320, 580x444, 1104x621, 1000x740 640x320 = RMXP | 580x444 = RMVA | 1104x621 = original |...
  4. tale

    Strategy RTP Battlebacks Sets

    I was thinking of gba Fire Emblem-like battlebacks while messing with perspective paint tool. There are two sets with 2 types of battlebacks. Types are swapped. Both sets are separate zip. battlebacks1 is 75% centered instead of at the top. Screen resolution width is ok up to 1000. Original...
  5. tale

    VX Ace Battlebacks (50) for XP/ +Icons

    I did some scale work and cropping to fit in with RPG Maker XP. These could be an alternative for a set of battlebacks. Image format: jpeg (Icons: png) Includes- Brick, Bridge, Castle, Castle2, Castle3, Cliff, Clouds, Crystals, CrystalTranslucent, DarkSpace, DemonCastle1, DemonCastle2...
  6. LuckiiBean

    Earthbound-esque Animated Battlebacks?

    Hello, I'm kinda new and have just a small question about the possibility of animated battlebacks for VX ACE. I'm going for an Earthbound-ish kinda feel, where the backgrounds warp and move around, but I'm having trouble finding a script or plugin for what I'd like. Thank you to anyone in...
  7. Parallax Panda

    [Bug Report] Troop battlebacks are all the same

    So I've got the latest STEAM version of RPG maker and I've run into an interesting problem which is that, if I change the battle background for one of my troops, it changes it for ALL my troops! I've tried turning off all my plugins, although I doubt that has anything to do with it since this...
  8. dnel57

    Battleback question

    While searching for another topic a few months ago, I saw a suggestion by Andar about creating a transparent battleback. I would assume that, by using that, the actual game landscape, etc., would show as it is, rather than a created one? I would like some instruction as to how to accomplish...
  9. taarna23

    Taarna's backgrounds and related

    Yes, occasionally I make stuff. Mostly because I'm bored. So I figured I may as well share when this happens and maybe they're useful for someone. Some notes: Any source images I work with are CC0 - a highly permissive license and equivalent to Public Domain I don't always remember where stuff...
  10. Yitzi Litt

    How to change layer order?

    How would I go about making battle layer "battlebacks2" shown in front of all GUI? (during battles, obviously) Thanks!
  11. Animebryan

    Need a plugin for setting battleback based on Terrain Tags

    I need a plugin to set Battlebacks based on Terrain Tags. I thought that maybe Yanfly would've included this option in his Region Battlebacks plugin but he didn't. I'd appreciate any help with this.
  12. JGreene

    Battleback Fix (for MV v1.5)

    Introduction: If you've already downloaded the version 1.5 update for RPG Maker MV, you may have encountered quite a few issues. Now, I'm sure there are tons of us using Yanfly's Grid Free Doodads, as it is a pretty powerful (basically a staple) plugin. However, for some unknown reason, there...
  13. ashikai

    Weird Battle Back Glitch

    Alternate title: can someone please explain battlebacks to me? (I was going to post this in the JS support, but I don't think this is plugin related...) Basically I've been stitching this game 'o mine together, and today I thought "hey, I should have a proper battleback for this battle." So I...
  14. Ancientspark74

    players too high in battler?

    What would cause the actors to appear very high in the battleback during battle? How do I get them back level with the enemy formation?
  15. Ancientspark74

    Black battleback in battle processing

    As you can see my battleback is ALMOST blackened out but NO QUITE...   the first battle of these 5 or 6 troops ACTUALLY called the battleback correctly without this blackness, and I checked the states there were non on my actors at any time. And clues?
  16. Hardman5509

    Looking for Specific Battlebacks

    I'm looking for some battlebacks...I looked on Google Images and didn't find what I was looking for, adding in more specifics just cluttered the search.  ALL THE STANDARD FRONT VIEW BATTLEBACKS + Carpet floor, specifically a red color  + Train (For both floor and background,) +...
  17. Hardman5509

    Looking For Specific Battlebacks

    I'm looking for some battlebacks...I looked on Google Images and didn't find what I was looking for, adding in more specifics just cluttered the search.  ALL THE STANDARD FRONT VIEW BATTLEBACKS + Carpet floor, specifically a red color  + Train (For both floor and background,) +...
  18. Kes

    Transfers and battlebacks

    My battlebacks are specified in Map Properties in the normal way, and when I enter a map through the usual transfer, everything is as it should be. However, in play testing just now, I used the Egress skill to transfer back to the beginning of the dungeon, and decided to fight one more battle...
  19. HeroDude

    Fort and Tower Battleback Recolors

    I am planning to have some grey stone forts and towers in my game, and MV's standard fort and tower battlebacks didn't really work too well for that in my opinion. So, I did some simple editing and thought I might share them in case anyone else might have a use for them as well. So without...
  20. michael.galefire

    Modern Mini Battlepack is available on the Workshop!

    This mini battlepack includes modern battlers and battlebacks for use in your MV Project!  Includes -  10 Battlers  13 Battlebacks  2 Icon sets  Check it out here!

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