1. KnightDruid

    RMMZ Simple Battle Hud

    Hello RM Members! I wanna ask something... I wanna make my battle hud (MZ) become text only (no face), could you give me some plugin? Thank you!
  2. Change HUD image mid-battle with MOG Battle Hud

    Hi, I would like a way to change the HUD image mid-battle if a switch is on. So instead of using "Layout_screen" it would use "Layout_screen2" or whatever. Plugin: Thanks for your help.
  3. Parallax Panda

    MOG BattleHUD Poses...

    So I'm using one of MogHunters Battle HUD's (Classic II), and I noticed that there's a parameter called "animated frames" under "FACE". I think this image here demonstrates what it could look like: But I have no idea how to set this up. The Portuguese aside, I can't find any instructions...
  4. MogHunter: Battle Hud numbers not showing

    So, I've installed MogHunter's Battle Hud but sometimes the HP, MP and TP values don't show during battle for my actors. I've tried updating my plugins, turning off specific ones, etc. I primarily use Yanfly's plugins. I've messed around with the BattleHud plugin too but can't seem to figure out...
  5. Celica

    RMMV Recepta

    Recepta is a combination of turn based RPG and visual novel with comic style. Follow the adventures of a happy trigger vigilante, a pervy priestess and a hysteric tomboy in a world where most of the heroic figures, harbringers, are a crazy, disturbed, and creepy individuals. Key Features...
  6. Tatsumaro

    MOG_BattleHud (v3.7) and the TP

    im i the only one that have a problem whit the TP value does not showing in battle? i can see the "bar" the maxTP but not the numeric value for the actuali TP
  7. MOGHUNTER battle hud HELP!!!

    I'm not sure if anybody is familiar with this battle hud: "" Basically, it is made for a default small resolution. After I change my resolution to 1280x720, problem arises, and I have to adjust every piece of image accordingly. However, I could...
  8. jjleroy

    Moghunter Battle HUD: Design issue

    Hey guys, I've been having trouble with something for 2 days and I can't seem to figure it out... Using these two Battle Design Plugins: Battle HUD Battle Commands This is how it should look like: 1. I would like the command window position to be fixed to always the same place. 2. However...
  9. Servidion

    (Moghunter Plugins) Need to reposition BattleHud

    So I'm having the same issue as this guy way back in 2015: And even when I check the website it simple says to "use the custom positions", but... how? I have no idea how to activate one of the custom positions. Is there some setting I'm missing where I set it to position 2 or 4 or what?
  10. Is there any battle hud for one hero RPG

    I actually want the battle HUD below to be the HUD of my game because I only have one hero in my entire game. Is there any script that can help me with that?
  11. Is there any one actor battle hud? or a battle hud creator

    I want to make an RPG where there are only one man in your party for the entire game. Is there any Battle Hud plugins specify to that?  Or atleast please send me a link on how to create battle hud because I really want to create my own like this one. It's just a concept and I dont know how to...
  12. SoulOfRock

    Help Me With Mog Battle Hud Plugin (Atelier)

    Hi to all, well my problem : -I Dont want to show faces on the battle hud (Template:Light) so,i change true to false on face visible (First Image) and this happend when i enter on battle.(Second and thirt Image) Pls help me :D  (Sorry for my crappy english :P)  
  13. Catog

    Ally Target Name and Value Squashing

    Hey there! I've edited the size of the information/target selection menu to fit in with a custom picture-based screen, all done with MOG Battle HUD. Everything works fine, except for this one problem when I try to heal: Now, I assume it would be a case of editing the length of the...
  14. JoePie

    (SOLVED) Regarding Battle_Hud by Mog

    Hey matey,   I'm using Mog's BattleHud on HotDog and I'm pretty sure something was bugging with parameter L_Skill_Y-Axis.  You can see from attached pic it behave differently than item menu, which use the same parameter and PNG file.  It doesn't change the margin between menu and picture...

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