1. Austintatious

    RMMV How to get battlelog fast forwarding working with Yanfly BattleEngine

    What is says in the title. In YEP_BattleEngineCore.js I found this Yanfly.BEC.Window_BattleLog_isFastForward = Window_BattleLog.prototype.isFastForward; Window_BattleLog.prototype.isFastForward = function() { console.log("FAST FORWARD"); if (Yanfly.Param.BECOptSpeed) return true...
  2. ovate

    Smooth Battle Log 2.0 [MZ]

    MPP_SmoothBattleLog2 - 2020/12/26 (ver. 2.0) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Change the display method and behavior of the battle log to speed up the progress of the battle. This plugin is for RPG Maker MZ. | Note: It's not a fast-skipping plugin Features - By making the battle log...
  3. ovate

    Smooth Battle Log +Draw Text Ex

    Smooth Batte Log - 2020.7.23.22 Creator name: OneEyedEagle Overview Battle log with scroll display and faster battle progress. Note 1: It's not a fast-skipping script Note 2: you need Draw Text Ex script which is provided in this thread for Smooth Battle Log to work. Features - Battle log...
  4. ovate

    Resist State Message

    MPP_ResistMessage - 2018/05/25 (ver. 1.0) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview To set a message state on skill/ item when resisted. For Actors/Classes/Weapons/Armors/Enemies, Traits from database- you can add a State Resist. Under States of that status effect, put this Note tag inside Note...
  5. ovate

    Regen/Degen Battle Log

    DisplayRegenerateMessage - 2017/05/27 v1.1.0 Creator name: フトコロ (futokoro) Introduction Possible to see Regeneration/Degeneration message in the battlelog. Features - Displays amount of HP / MP / TP in the battle log at the end of the turn - Possible to change the message for increase and...
  6. ovate

    Regen/Degen Battle Log

    Regen Battle Log 2019/03/09 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Introduction Possible to see Regeneration/Degeneration message in the battlelog. Note: This script is based on futokoro's DisplayRegenerateMessage.js to VX Ace Features Displays amount of HP / MP / TP in the battle log at the end of...
  7. ovate

    mo-to - VX style BattleLog+

    VX style BattleLog+ - 2017/07/21 (Ver.1.001) Creator name: mo-to Overview Changes battlelog in battle to VX style. BattleLog appear in the message window. Feature - Customization display for: Simple Status Window, Party Command Right, and Actor Command Left Preview Installation Paste this...
  8. Scrolling text for battle log

    Is there possibly a script I can use to make the battle log text scroll like a message box instead of appearing all at once? Is it also possible to make it wait for button input? I'm trying to make it more like the Mother series, where the battle log was more like a typical message box.
  9. Use windowskin for battle log

    Hello, For my game I really want to use a windowskin for my battle log (basically a message box replacing it) and scrolling text if possible (again, like a message box). Is this possible?
  10. ovate

    Smooth Battle Log

    MPP_SmoothBattleLog - 2018/06/07 (ver. 1.0) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Battle logs with scroll display and faster battle progress. Note: It's not a fast-skipping plugin Features - Battle log with smooth scrolling text - Party command "BattleLog" recorded confirmed actions -...
  11. KuluGary

    SrDude's Undertale Battle System Battlelog

    Hello! I've downloaded SumRndmDde Undertale Battle System and i've been working to customize it to my project. Right now I was thinking about modifying the battlelog in order for it to be more in tone with the rest of my battle GUI. I thought about making it behave similar to a common Window...
  12. masterlobo

    How to show full window frame on battle log?

    Hello, I want to show the full window on the battle log instead of a transparent line. I've dived into rpg_windows.js -> Window_BattleLog and I can't find where is the frame from the battle log being removed. The only thing I was able to add was to make the log non transparent. Any help or...
  13. Feli

    Centralize or edit style and position Battle Log?

    Hello makers!!  ;) I would like to know if there is a way to edit .. or a plugin that modifies the battle log .. I wanted to know if there is a way to choose its position (x and y), center, change opacity, and etc ... As a priority would be to centralize and lower a line (not to give...
  14. Leah Prime

    Skils display different messages in the battlelog based on conditions.

    Hi! I have a skill in my game, that does different things based on how it is used (mainly, it drains MP of certain enemies, damages others) The logistics of making this skill can be done in the editor using the damage formula, HOWEVER the message displayed in the battle-log on skill usage is...

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