battler animation

  1. GnasherKO

    Gnasher's SV battler animated enemies

    Hi guys, new on here and new to RMMZ. Have been working on making some SV enemies to create a library for myself and thought I'd share my version of a skeleton for anyone looking to have animated skeleton minions or enemies. Here's the skeleton: Also, I was hoping anyone could help me with...
  2. Kage

    RMMZ / Need Help. How do you add Custom Size Side View Battlers with an Extra Animation Frames - any tutorials?

    Hi Everyone, I'm noticing on the internet that people have really amazing and visually exciting Battle Systems in their games. Mainly having larger battlers and more frames per animation for example when casting spells. Unfortunately, I can't find anywhere tutorials on how to implement that...
  3. RPG Maker MZ Battler Question

    Not sure if asked before since I can’t find if asked before but, I want to add animated battlers into my game, the thing is I don’t know how, what’s the max size for the sprite and what’s the frame limit and file name to use? If I used a sprite sheet that has a 8frame cast animation, would it...
  4. RMMV Yanfly Skill Core - Blue Magic Actor Animation

    I'm playing around with Yanfly's blue magic script from his Tips and Tricks page and trying to tweak it for some extra animation effects. I've got it to where it will play an animation on the character who learns the skills, but I'm wondering if there's a way to also force the side view battler...
  5. matgraz

    RMMV Finer control of Battler Motion

    I'm not sure there's already a plugin for that, but i figure not so i'm requesting it here. I wanted to know if there are any ways that i could control the battler motion depending on specific moments. It might sound strange but let me explain with the video capture some examples of what i'd...
  6. Looking for a flamethrower SV weapon...

    Resource Type: SV Battler Weapon Maker Format: RPGMaker MV Art Style: RTP Description: Looking for a handheld flamethrower/liquid nitrogen canister to be used by my Hero SV Battler. Having blue 'fire' or 'steam' would be a plus, but its the flamethrower itself is giving me trouble. I...
  7. Zealraid

    Zealraid's MV Resources (System Weapon and Tall Battler)

    Hello everyone, Welcome to my resource thread! I still new from making resource, I will update this thread everytime i make a new thing. I hope I can spend a lot of time to create a resource because this is a fun thing :hwink: 1. Dagger 2. Bow I realy like Vibrato's beautiful battler...
  8. Baconleaf

    Crayman & Sheriff Hell?

    Resource Type: Face Picture/ Walking / Battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV styled to match the rest of the resources I'm looking for some "basic" MV (chibi) styled characters w/face sets ( only a few showing different emotions) & accompanying battler sprites of two characters, one of...
  9. Victor's Battler Animation: 2 different actions performed by 1 actor?

    Greetings, I've been using Victor's Battler Animation: BUT Is it possible to have: -enemy A perform the skill, -makes enemy B takes action on target -and then make enemy A (self)...

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