battler art

  1. Need SF_Abomination Battler

    Can't find Abomination battler for MV :( Please write me in this thread if you can find it. Thanks in advance!
  2. Silvermane

    Cannot get Fantasy Battler Pack 1 to load into project.

    I have the Steam version of Fantasy Pack 1, linking this version just to show which one I mean. So previously I was able to load the battlers from this pack. I have since deleted some of my previous projects as I was just learning the...
  3. RMMV Flip & resize static Actors

    I've used Victor Engine Better Graphic Setup to allow me to use the static battler images as actors but now I don't know how I would manage to flip them to be facing the opposite direction in battles. I don't know if there's a simple way to do it using one of the many Yanfly plugins. I used...
  4. Nemo111

    Free Battler Pack (Goblins/Orcs)

    Hi Everyone! This is my first post, so I hope I am in the right section. I just finished a small pack of side battlers that I am sharing for free. It includes 3 battler sprites: a grunt unit, a mage, and a larger goblin boss. Hope you like it! Here is the link...
  5. SanZhang

    SanZhang's Character & Battler's Resources

    Greetings, game makers.. It's the first resource that I would like to share in this community.. This is a gesture of my appreciation for every artworks of several artists that has been helpful with the games I've made.. They have kindly shared their arts in this forum, please take a look at...
  6. Increase enemy battler size margins in traditional battle.

    hi to everyone, English is not my main lenguaje, I will try to make an effort to describe my problem the best I can. This is my first post so, I hope I'm doing things right. well my question goes to, how to expand the enemy battlers margins, I'm using 1280 x 720 resolution, but I cant put an...
  7. WheatTon

    PAID (DO NOT USE! Read the Rules to know where you can!) Looking For Battler Artist

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: The game is a simple thing. One day a tower sprouts up in the middle of a random street. The deluded Vorland, with dreams of being a hero decides to go to the tower and the realist Mindy decides to follow so that he doesn't get himself killed. The two random, non...
  8. Battler/Enemy Art Required

    Hi, I'm making my first game, I don't know whether I'll finish it or not (hopefully I will) but I was wondering if someone could make a battler of the sprite below. I'm not offering any payment but it would be nice if you could help me out. I will put your username in the credits of my game if...
  9. wildsheep

    Wildsheep's rpgmaker sketch thread

    Hey folks New here and this might be the wrong forum channel but I have just kind of been messing around with the program a little.   Decided I would start posting some of my doodles and tests in this thread for fun.    Been playing around with some new battler sprites and wanted to make some...

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