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  1. caethyril

    Caethyril's Plugins

    Caethyril's RMMV Plugins Updated 2021-03-29: General - Cae_FaceOnRight v1.5 Looking for RPG Maker MZ plugins? Click here! Features :kaohi: I've made a variety of plugins for RPG Maker MV but most of them are quite small/simple, so don't really merit their own thread. This is a intended as a...
  2. RealityShift

    Illustrated Status Effects for Battlers

    Hello RPG Maker Community. I have been an on off user of RPG maker for a few years now, and have only recently started learning how to use custom scripts and scripting. I have been lucky enough to find that most of what I would like to use for my current project/ learning project. I am...

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The legendary Moghunter has apparently deleted his site and YouTube account. The RPGMaker community suffers a heavy loss today, and I'll miss him terribly. He's my favourite plugin developer since MZ.

I got tired of pixels, so today I decited to paint Goku. :D
First time making a modern day style character in pixel art. This will be fun.
Signed a lease on a new place today. Back into town, closer to shops, family and takeaway - none of those could be a good thing! 10 days to moving date.

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