1. poppicha

    RMMV Request to flip Actor & Enemy SVBattler's Angle

    I want to request a plugin that can suddenly flip or set actor/ enemy's angle in battle like the picture from attachment. **It's not rotate just flip angle** like a script call to flip picture's angle $gameScreen._pictures[id]._angle = Value; ps.I tried...
  2. bluevegas02

    Requesting MV's goddess and god sv battler animated

    Hello, If someone or anyone could do what's below, I will forever worship the ground you walk on xD. Resource Type: Animated SV_Battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: I would love to have an animated sv battler for the RTP goddess battler. In addition, I've already seen the...
  3. Silvermane

    Cannot get Fantasy Battler Pack 1 to load into project.

    I have the Steam version of Fantasy Pack 1, linking this version just to show which one I mean. https://us.degicashop.com/products/fantasy-battler-pack-1 So previously I was able to load the battlers from this pack. I have since deleted some of my previous projects as I was just learning the...
  4. Austintatious

    Battlers disappear when positioned above a certain height

    They are fine when below about the middle of the screen. I'm using Yanfly Battle Engine plugins. Example in pic
  5. KurayamiBlackheart

    Kurayami Blackheart's Battlers (Statics)

    Hiya ! I am here to share my drawings (& my DeviantArt). I will try to keep this thread updated, but I can't promise anything ! Don't hesitate to check my DeviantArt for the latest updates. https://www.deviantart.com/shadenswill/gallery My terms of use : • You are allowed to use my creatures...
  6. RMMV Flip & resize static Actors

    I've used Victor Engine Better Graphic Setup to allow me to use the static battler images as actors but now I don't know how I would manage to flip them to be facing the opposite direction in battles. I don't know if there's a simple way to do it using one of the many Yanfly plugins. I used...
  7. Furia25

    RMMV Use enemy sprite as actor battler.

    Hello, I would like to use the sprite of the enemy as a sv battler, without creating a new sv_battler. Any idea ? Thanks :kaohi:
  8. ovate

    Sideview Battlers: frogs, toucan, and insects

    I extracted frames from animated gif into sideview battler sheet. Credit is not necessary. Source- https://opengameart.org/content/opp2017-sprites-characters-objects-effects Licensed under Public Domain edit:
  9. Drake616

    Static battler?

    Is there any way to make it so actors in sideview battles don't have animations ? Like the enemies, just one picture. (I use yanfly if that's of any help)
  10. TheTrevisan


    Free Foes to use from my project. This asset pack contains: 5 original enemies graphics from Euphorya Game; Animated for RPG MAKER, compatible with Visustella/Yanfly; Static graphics too; More enemies will be added soon; Baby Leopard, Sploomy, Karakoly, Gray Wolf and Toucan; DOWNLOAD HERE!
  11. atoms

    RESOLVED. Link inside post. Looking for certain resources from this forum (Some VX Ace RTP as MV)

    Edit: Found them. Link here https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/tigerawrs-mv-stuff-mostly-characters.112403/ While looking through the resources on this site some time ago I found a thread where some of the VX RTP, at least one of the evil actors and one of the monsters, was created...
  12. NoWareCo

    All Enemies Defeated in 5 Hits, can someone help me solve this?

    Hello community, I'm having issues with a game I'm developing where enemies always die in five hits, no matter their HP. If their HP is depleted in less than five hits they will still die but bigger tougher enemies always die in 5 hits. I've counted damage and it's nowhere near their HP level...
  13. antega34

    MZ Dog and Fairy SV Battlers Request

    Resource Type: Sideview Actor Battler Maker/Art Format: RPG Maker MZ Description: Hi there! I'm hoping to request sideview actor battlers of the Nature_1 and Nature_6 characters from MZ, a.k.a. the dog and fairy characters. I have tried making them from edits to mixed results which is why I...
  14. matgraz

    RMMV [SOLVED] Is there a simple way to change the SV Battler Image mid-Action Sequence?

    The title says it all: I want the character's battler file change during an action sequence. I want this because i draw my battlers myself, and i want to use that so i can expand the range of motions i have available for action sequencing. I've checked Yanfly's Tips and Trick video for...
  15. matgraz

    RMMV Finer control of Battler Motion

    I'm not sure there's already a plugin for that, but i figure not so i'm requesting it here. I wanted to know if there are any ways that i could control the battler motion depending on specific moments. It might sound strange but let me explain with the video capture some examples of what i'd...
  16. arekushisu

    Use Map Charsets as SV Battlers

    Is it possible to use Map Charsets as SV battlers ? I know that a Victore Engin's Plugin allowed to do it on VXace and MV. Did anyone know a was to do it without a lot of editting or a plugin that allow it ? Thank you by advance.
  17. Looking for sprite water monster :)

    Hi everybody, i'm new here and i'm french (so sorry for my bad english :( ) I have been working on RPGMVXACE for a few years now and this forum has helped me a lot :) I wanted to know where I could find water monster sprites and also Battlers =) I hope I expressed myself well >< Thanks you so...
  18. Nemo111

    Free Battler Pack (Goblins/Orcs)

    Hi Everyone! This is my first post, so I hope I am in the right section. I just finished a small pack of side battlers that I am sharing for free. It includes 3 battler sprites: a grunt unit, a mage, and a larger goblin boss. Hope you like it! Here is the link...
  19. Elhijei

    Elhijei's little edits

    Hi! Here are some edits I made for my project. I wanted to share them! Terms: You can use these edits in free and commercial projects; Credits to me are not mandatory; You can edit them as much as you wish; You can share them (as long as you don’t pretend you did it yourself obviously :D); you...
  20. Journey_Sticks

    Robot and Characters

    Most of these have battlers, some have diagonal and static poses. I made them for you to use however you want. I hope you like them. I created these from scratch & they are cc0, no need to credit for the graphics, free to use in any project.

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