1. Craig

    Enemy Battlers that act as Allies???

    Hey everyone! I have no idea if this is possible, and if so, how it would be accomplished, which is why I am asking here, lol! I would like to have an area of my game in which the player encounters both friendly and non-friendly enemies in random encounters. Not like the FFIX mechanic of having...
  2. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    side view vs front view

    ok if im being honest.... i dont really see the appeal of sideview..... it increases the file size of the game, and the graphics for it are hard to come by/make, well not really hard but time consuming, i mean other than offering some visually pleasing effects, whats the point now i'm not...
  3. TheObermotz1

    Can the hit rate be based on a variable?

    Update: While it might not be possible to edit the hit rate formula, so it can include a variable, what you CAN do is create an common event, put in the value your variable holds and increase or decrease the evasion rate of the characters. Is there a way to include variables in the hit rate...
  4. Hollow 1977

    How do you like your manga?

    Hi everyone! So what makes manga worth reading for you. Is it the explosive battles? Maybe the romance between characters? It could be the overall nature of the story laid out. Or maybe the it's awesome artwork. So tell me what makes manga awesome for you? For me it's the art and the battles...
  5. Village Mook

    Tattle Ability

    Oh boy, this one could take a bit. I'm trying to create a skill similar to to the "Tattle" ability from Paper Mario and Paper Mario Thousand Year Door. For those who don't know, using the ability would provide a short bit of information on the targeted enemy. This would typically include stats...
  6. KaiserDragon27

    RPG MAKER MV I Im having problems

    Hi guys! Im KaiserDragon27 and Im new here! so, im doing this post because, when a put a monster from another game ( in my case, i put a steel golem from ff4:the complete collection) it works great, but when i put lateral battle, it says error, steel golem not found, so i ask this guys so you...
  7. Village Mook

    Wave Battles?

    I'm trying to create battles that work in waves where more enemies show up as you defeat them. Problem is, most of my attempts using battle events and common events either don't work or freeze the game. Can somebody give me a hand with this?
  8. Studio Blue

    Thoughts on QTEs in RPG Maker

    OK, let me just dive right in. I have a mixed love affair with Quick Time Events. On the positive, I've been a gamer since Dragon's Lair came out in the 80's (I know that rather dates me), and I loved games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. There is a certain enjoyment that comes out of...
  9. EvieEvangelion

    Controlling a battle

    Ok so i want to control the events of a battle, i have the battle trigger on a given tile(no problem there). Then in the battle you fight the thief, the thief attacks once, then she says some dialog, then the battle ends. I can't get her to only attack once and then have the dialog.
  10. wrigty12

    Conditional Map Encounters

    TDW Conditional Map Encounters - v 1.00 wrigty12 Intro - If you are making a game that has weak monsters while your player is weak, wouldn't it be nice if that same area had totally different monsters when they came back much stronger? With this plugin, you can set certain Conditions that...
  11. Indsh

    Serious image problems

    When I test a battle everything is fine but when the battle happens in game there is no background  image. This is on top of my last unresolved problem of that most of the animations play with a black background and not transparent. I am using Mac version through steam. Thanks
  12. billocity

    Syntax Error on Battles

    Hi, I'm getting the dreaded Syntax Error Unexpected Token in my battles since adding a couple of new Yanfly plugins. It happens when an enemy or hero makes an attack in battles (weirdly, it works just fine if I guard instead of attack). Here's what my plugins look like now. I thought it might be...
  13. felixelh

    Ideas for unique battle systems?

    Hello! New user here, but long-time lurker. My small group and I have been working on our game, equilibriUm sIxteen, for a while now, and I, the developer, was looking at Undertale and Yume Nikki for battle system ideas. I want to do something kinda unique like the bullet hell and the on-map...
  14. How to customize battle text?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to customize my text when a skill is used. Pretty much the same style as found when editing dialog. I attempted using \. and \| in the "Using Message" text box in the skills database, but they don't work. Anyone have any idea how this can be done? Thanks!
  15. SumRndmDde

    RPG Maker MV Beginner Tutorial Series

    RPG Maker MV Beginner Tutorial Series The following is a video series that is intended for beginners of the RPG Maker MV program. Each video is about five to ten minutes long and they can be grouped into various overall subjects. I would recommend this to anyone unfamiliar with RPG Maker. :)
  16. Uzuki

    Battle Events Freezing Battle Menu

    I'm having issues with the way my battle event is laid out. Whenever I start a battle the menu completely freezes and stays that way. I've tried this with the plugins and without, but I still get the same problem. Is there something wrong with my setup?
  17. That Guy Who Does Stuff

    Is there a plugin to show attack animations on actors?

    Like, in 2k3, attack animations from enemies showed up on actors. Is there any plugin that fixes that in MV?
  18. DarkSpectral

    How to do random battles?

    Hi again! I successfully created lots of maps,rooms and all, but i need help again ;-; I want to make random battles in a map. BUT only in an specific area. But i hate when you walk 2 tiles and there's a battle. I want a battle after 15 tiles at least and i want to do a loot system. So, when...
  19. Baerthe

    SV vs FV

    So sideview versus frontview battle. I was thinking that thought side view has a cooler looking and more interesting feel, front view requires less investment in resource assets. So what are the total pros and cons of the two systems? I know of several games that deploy front-view in the...
  20. Battle Event for Troops

    So I'm playing around with the Battle Event for troops (and have it as a event in my map) and got most of my dialogue, but the enemy is not attacking me at all, I also want them to do a certain amount of damage to some characters, got any tips?

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