1. Request for map/field battling

    Is there any plugin for map/field battles in RPG Maker MV or maybe a commando where if the event touch you: HP decreases and if you press a button it changes characters image for example swinging a sword one time before changing back, and decreases monsters HP? Either way, someway to make...
  2. Besu

    What is/are your favorite anime battles?

    Hi guys! Welcome to the TOP Anime Battles topic. Here you can share your favorite anime battles that you like from any anime. These are my favorite ones(You can add a video if you want, but I think it's recommendable so people could see that battle if they want): Gintama (It may contain...
  3. DreamX

    Touch Surprise Battles

    Touch Surprise Battles v1.4 By DreamX   Introduction/Features Events labeled with <enemy:1> will use their direction and the player's direction to decide whether their battle processing command results in a preemptive, surprise, or normal battle. You can also force the next evented battle to...
  4. Tsukihime

    Pre-Emptive Battle Events

    Ever wanted more control over whether your party will get a pre-emptive strike when a battle begins, or a surprise attack from the enemy? This plugin provides you with a way to guarantee a pre-emptive or surprise by setting some variables. he variables determine how many battles the...
  5. Sideview or default battle system

    Hello friends I am working on a game with rmvx ace I want to ask you that would it be a good choice if i use default rmvx ace battle system coz I cant find much sideview battlers for my game
  6. Tsukihime

    Change Battleback

    Battle backgrounds can be used to provide some sense of atmosphere. For example, if you're walking through a forest and you encounter an enemy, seeing some cute bunnies and trees in the background makes it feel like a forest. However, if you see dead bunnies and dying trees in the background...
  7. Kiboto

    Hide in-battle Status menu

    Hi all, Does anybody know how to hide the battle menu? I'm choosing player and enemy actions with AI and I want to suppress action selection, as well as display of the HP, TP, MP message window at the bottom of the screen. The status menu object seems to be called from many other methods and...
  8. Battles don't work!

    Hi everyone! Could you please help me? I have a problem! I am new here and I hope I am on the right place to ask and I am deeply sorry if I am not. So, my problem is with battles. I have changed some names and other stuff on my skills and on my classes. But when I set a battle test everything...
  9. Wavelength

    What's the Point of All Those Encounters?

    Whether you do it with swords, fire, or laser beams, cutting your way through hundreds of slimes, demons, and nameless enemy soliders in isolated encounters is pretty much a staple element of the JRPG genre.  Combined with exploration, party management, and sometimes puzzle-solving, these Random...
  10. How I change the backgound image in a battle?

    Hi, before everything: Inglish isn't my native lenguage, so I'm sorry if I make some mistakes. Ok, my problem is that in battle, the backgound is a solid color, How I can change this? How I change to a real backgound?
  11. leelahmleo

    Something's wrong with battles? I think?

    When I go into battle, I can't select Guard or Attack, leaving me with only Items, Special Attacks, and Magic (Skills). It's never done this before. Does anyone know why? The image I attached shows exactly what I mean.
  12. abe109


    ABE HEROES 1  VERSION 2 NEW VERSION AVAILABLE NOW ON LINK Download NEW VERSION https://www.dropbox.com/s/tteob5j40xcxyez/EMPEROR%20ABE%20I.exe?dl=0  NEW VERSION WITHOUT RTP  pending   Game Synopsis The most interesting part of the game is that the class system has been revamped to be...
  13. Koi

    Enemy Spawning Different Enemies?

    So, I've seen this in OFF so I know it's possible, but I'm just not sure how. I've got a frog enemy, and I want it to spawn tadpole enemies. In its troop events, I have a page where the condition is if the frog's HP is below 50%. But I know what event contents would make the other enemies show...
  14. Quick question

    Hi, everyone. This is a super quick question about battle events. Is it possible to turn appear halfway back on during a battle? The context is that every 7 turns, my boss will make 4 unappeared enemies appear, unless they already have, and ignoring death. I know how to turn death off, but is...
  15. Lunarea

    Sci Fi Battlebacks

    Today, we've got a super exciting new product - and something quite a few of you have been asking for! Sci Fi Battlebacks is a resource pack filled with hand-painted battle backgrounds created by Michael Rookard. The pack includes a large variety of futuristic and science-fiction backgrounds...
  16. Line of sight battles.

    Alright, a part of my game has a room where the enemies are other sprites that walk up to you when they see you and say something. Then, after when you win the battle, the person (hopefully) will be in the damage form of their sprite and will say one last thing. How do I go about doing this? I...
  17. Koi

    Battle animation opacity and placement?

    I've just started adding in custom battle animations, and my animations are working very smoothly (yay for studying animation in college), however, I've notice in battle testing that the opacity is pretty low. I want the opacity to be 100%. Another problem I'm having is that it's not really...
  18. vociferocity

    damage after (or during?) a common event in battle

    So I have a skill that calls a common event as well as dealing damage. the common event shows, moves and hides a picture (a summoned monster that's supposed to be the one doing damage). the skill deals damage before the common event is called, which doesn't make the most in-game sense ever. is...
  19. servantb7

    Adding Strategy to Battles

    So we've all played/made a game with  battles where your party does nothing but attack, attack, heal, repeat. Not all of these games are bad, but personally I like a game that involves a bit more challenge and strategy.   I'll give an example.  One way I add strategy is by having certain...
  20. AngelGrace

    Animated Battlers?

    Hello again everyone! I'm using this Side View Battle Script for my game, and I've decided to use sprites instead of battlers for my enemies, since it will be easier to find similarly designed sprites instead of battle images. I thought to myself "Oh, well, I can just use the sprite sheet to...

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