1. AngelGrace

    Balancing stat curves?

    Hello all! So, for my little project (Which I'll reveal once I have a certain mechanic figured out), I'm planning on having sequential encounters. There will be 2-5 roaming monsters in each area, and 1-2 storyline battles. My thought was, since I know about how many fights the player will be...
  2. Koi

    A state that protects from any damage at all?

    I'm having difficult with parameters and whatnot, but I have a one-turn use item that I want to work like Detect or Protect in Pokemon games. But I'm not sure how to do that. Any help?
  3. DenzelRoy

    Different Side Battling System

    Before I say anything, this is my very first post on this site. If I did something wrong, I apologize. I was wondering if there is a side battling system where you see the art of both sides, but NOT with sprites. I know how to make the enemy's non-sprite art go in battles with the current...
  4. Tsukihime

    Troop Surprise Condition

    This script allows you to specify custom troop surprise conditions. The condition must evaluate to true or false, but you are not limited to using probability-based conditions. The condition is specified as a ruby formula, which allows you to create any kind of condition you want once you...
  5. Peridot Gaming

    Screen tint and battlebacks

    Hi all.  I have found an issue as part of my game.  I apply a Screen Tint to each map to give it the right sort of mood (night time, or darkness for caves), and have discovered that when a battle happens (all mine so far are evented calls to battle processing) the screen tint is still applied to...
  6. kerbonklin

    Battles capped at 30 FPS?

    So, today I finally realized, thanks to doing some FPS tests, that the Scene_Battle FPS by default is capped at 30 FPS, maybe a random 31 if everything is completely smooth.  Usually anything below 25 FPS in battles seems to cause heavy lag. Sometimes staying within that 5 FPS restriction is...
  7. Tsukihime

    Enhancing troop functionality

    A troop is a collection of enemies. The troop editor in the database allows you to visually place enemies on the screen and set up troop events that will run during battle. These troops are then set up as random encounters on a map or as evented battles. A number of scripts are available...
  8. Topaz_12

    Making in-world battles

    I've been using VX Ace Lite for a little while now, and it seems to be pretty much perfect for the project I want to do. The only thing that's been bugging me is the battles, which look to me like they're pokemon-style. When I generally think of RPG's, I think of a sword swinging character...
  9. nathanlink169

    Help with battling system

    Hey guys, so I've been making this game for a little time now, and I'm having a bit of trouble with my battling system. If a level 10 character goes into a random encounter battle equipped with the best gear they could have up to that point, they go in with Hp - 645 Atk - 129 (43 base stat...
  10. ObtrusiveWhale

    [VX Ace] Actors Keep TP Gained After Battles

    Is there a simple/easy way I can have my party keep the TP gained during battle once the battle is over? This would be very helpful. Thanks!

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