1. Field combat system

    I'm looking into improving my game by adding things in it to make it stand out from other RPG Maker games. I'm fairly confident about this because I'm at least able to create unique graphics and whatnot by myself. But one thing that bothers me about RPG Maker MV is the battle system is so damn...
  2. Senfgurke

    Managers, Sprites, Scenes - A conceptual question

    Hi there! So I'm trying to write my own Card based Battlesystem and I'm having a conceptual problem that occured when I was trying to display my cards as sprites. The thing is: I have my custom CardBattleManager, which handles all the logic that happens in the battle. It sets up my deck, it...
  3. Senfgurke

    How to display images in code?

    Hi there, I would consider myself a relatively seasoned JS-Scripter and also collected some experience in RPGMaker XP in my younger years. Right now I'm trying to make a custom battle system with cards. For a first Proof-Of-Concept my idea was to use skills as the cards and in the note tag of...
  4. SilhouetteNoir

    Party ABS

    Is there a script just like Falcao Pearl ABS? I want my followers to attack nearby enemies themselves without me controlling them.
  5. Killer_Van

    Visual Battlers with Dynamic Equip

    i'm trying to write a script that change the sprite of the animated battler wearing him with their equipment i took the Galv's animated battler script and i modified it like that: 1- I created a method that assign to the equipment a different png for each actor. class RPG::EquipItem def...
  6. Toremneon

    Battle System with just Animations

    Hi everyone, I am still trying thinks out with my battle system and I wondered would it be possible to create a system in which you only display animations you created in the makers Animationssection before? You would set the basic Animations like "Walking", "Standing", "Hurt", "K.O." in the...
  7. TheObermotz1

    Can the hit rate be based on a variable?

    Update: While it might not be possible to edit the hit rate formula, so it can include a variable, what you CAN do is create an common event, put in the value your variable holds and increase or decrease the evasion rate of the characters. Is there a way to include variables in the hit rate...
  8. C7A7L7V7I7N

    Simultaneous Player and enemy action

    Hey everyone! I'm trying my hand at learning Javascript, as I've been unsucessful finding a plugin for the Battle system I have in mind. Its a 1v1 Rock-paper-scissors type game. However, damage is dealt using a 6 skills (which deal various multiplier of damage against one another) and I plan to...
  9. JustAColdKid

    How do you make a battle system similar to pokemon in mv?

    I was wondering how you make a battle system where the players could throw a pokeball, crystal, etc to catch certain type pokemon. How would it be implemented or is there such plugin?
  10. Mooshry

    Row Battle System

    Hello. I need a Lane/Row battle system for one of my many, MANY, games. Basically, i need a battle system that lets you change the formation of characters every turn, by using a move command which would move to any column/lane if a character is not occupying that space. And the monsters would...
  11. firststef

    MOG,s LMBS Linear motion BATTLE system plugin edit

    Hi guys! So i,m trying to use MOG,s lmbs battle system. It,s pretty cool to work with, but the code doesn,t allow me to do SOME stuff... For instance i cant evolve my actor in-battle... If you didn,t know mog,s plugin uses external spritesheets for actors and allows the...
  12. Battle system like Golden Sun or Magical Starsign

    Hello my friends ?  Im new to RPG Maker MV and i want to know if there is any existing Plugin thats let me have the Golden Sun or Magical Starsign Battle system ? Because i want to build my own RPG in the same style as the Games. But i cant build such a Plugin by myself. I dont have enough...
  13. McSundae

    McSundae's Bigger Weapons V 1.0

    Hey guys, i'm working at my own game and i'm working with SV Actors from @Personigo de la Ĉefo :) However i recognized that i was in need of bigger weapon sheets to work with those battlers :) So i made a script that gives you the ability to change the width and height of each weapon...
  14. McSundae

    Big Weapons in Sideview Battlesystem

    Hi guys, maybe someone already asked this but i was not able to find something similar through the search engine I'm currently using RPG Maker MV and i'm using bigger sprites for the actors in the sideview battlesystem but i was wondering if there is already a way to use an alternate...
  15. Otakuhn

    Spectator Battle System

    I would like someone , to create a system where there is no moves , or skills to select instead its all placed in a strategy type screen where you can allocate what skills for whom you want in the party and the results of the battle can not be swayed except for an escape battle button . So to...
  16. Castagna

    Single Actor Battle System

    Is there a script that allows you to fight with a single actor even if the party is bigger? If the team is composed by 4 actors, the first will fight and the others will be remove from the party; when he dies, the second one will be added to fight and the first will be removed (to hide his name...
  17. McSundae

    McSundae's Enhanced Battle System - pretty gauges, faces, different window styles & borders

    Hi guys, its me again. I got another plugin for you guys to use in your games. I know, i released the last plugin yesterday, im kinda getting into this ;-) What does this Plugin do? It gives you bigger gauges, different colors at the gauges - this also also takes effect at the menu...
  18. Matt Mats

    Picture as Battler

    Hey there, this is my first post in this forum, I beg you to excuse my bad english >< However, my problem is that I want to show the Player and his party ot the right side of the battle screen as pictures, and the enemy on the left, so they look at each other. I hope you can understand me, I...
  19. Battle System and Balancing

    Hello, I got RPGmakerVXAce about six months ago when it was like, 7$ on steam and I've been playing around with it since. Now, I'm trying to make a real game using it. Of course being the newbie I am, I'm having issues with the Battle System, the main one being I want sprites for the...
  20. ABS System

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone could point me or make a simple abs system like this: example: press A button - melee attack/confirm/action press B button - gun (ranged weapon) attack press C button - cycle ammo types press D button - menu/cancel it's a little like dragon ball z: legacy of...

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