1. Lacanne

    Any Beam action sequences ?

    Maybe i use the wrong terms. Actually i would like an attack that just throw a beam. I don't search a specific beam, it can be a very simple one. But i just would like to change the color if needed. I search around the internet to find a beam, i didn't found many. Also i do'nt know how to...
  2. Ray, Beam and Lightning Effects

    Ahoy. I was searching for a plugin like this, but found none, so I made my own. And while I can't promise any support (I've been pretty bad with it so far), I though it'd be a good thing to share regardless. This time, I DO have an example project to go with it. First thing's first...
  3. EliteFerrex

    Beam and Sword Animations Assets!

    My brother Kaz put together some great animations assets for RPG Maker MV! Feel free to use these in your projects (free or commercialized), but provide credit to Ryugi Kazamaru! (Also, maybe send him a nice "Thank you!" on Skype, under the same name!) The list so far: Energy...
  4. Could use some help with energy beam attack.

    Okay, so this is my first time posting and usually I'm able to find the answer to my questions just by doing a little detective work, so I apologize if this has been asked before, but I tried searching with every term I could think of and came up with nothing that really helped me in this...

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