1. Necromortis

    Hello to everyone~

    Hello, dearest friends. I’m Mort(or necromortis) I guess it isn't the first thread with such "genius" question, but anyway. I really want to be a part of community. I want to make games using RMMV(or RMVX), but.. I simply don't know what to do first. (Except for the plot and character...
  2. DarkSeraph

    Help with Hiding/Revealing locations

    So I have a game where there are dungeons that remain hidden and you cannot enter. But when you meet certain criteria, it reveals itself and allows you to enter. I tried to set it so when a variable reaches or exceeds a certain number, the event reveals itself and lets you interact with it. Can...
  3. A question about RPG Maker's default tiles

    (I'm sorry if this isn't the correct forum to post this question, I wasn't sure where to ask this.) Is it possible to make a nice-looking RPG Maker game using mostly the tiles the program comes with? I don't have much in way of resources or artistic ability, so I feel I'll have to rely on them...
  4. Poryg

    #10 - pitfalls of PIXI

    Part 10 of the tutorial series is up! In the past videos you may have seen me use PIXI. Sprite.fromImage instead of MV's default sprite stuff, but I've always said you shouldn't use it unless you want to deal with the pitfalls of PIXI. So I explain some of them in this video. If you don't intend...
  5. Donny

    RMMV Heroic Fantasy RPG

    I'm making my first RM game. I'm really excited because it incorporates all my various creative interests in one place: character design, world building, illustration, game development and music. I've made a few games in Unity (and published one to Google play) but I don't think I'm that kind of...
  6. hredthel

    Make Damage Popups appear as a group?

    Hey, total newbie to MV here: Very sorry if this has already been answered in a previous thread! I couldn't find it... I have a skill that damages all enemies in combat, and the skill animation is working fine, but I want the damage popups to appear all at once (rather than one by one for each...
  7. Sajai-D-Halo

    Greetings - RPG Maker Class of Summer 2019, anybody?

    Hey hey, people Nice to meet you all! Just trying to figure out as much as I can about making a great dungeon crawler. I've written a lot throughout my life and have always wanted to make a game but never had the know-how to do it. But thanks to RPG Maker and the internet, that is now possible...
  8. SakuraMiya

    Chase scenes with big sprites

    Is there a way to make chase scenes with very big sprites? (a la Ao Oni, but thicker, like the Caterpillar Oni). The problem is that when the sprites are so big, the event touch looks awkward when they reach the player. Is there any way to fix it, like a script or something?
  9. SakuraMiya

    Help with Moghunter's Chain Commands

    I'm working on a small VX Ace game that uses the Moghunter Chain Command Minigame, but how can I use it in order to open a door more than once? For example, I have to open a door three times and the commands change each time. I tried to do it by myself, but the door still opens even if the...
  10. [Help] How to merge stats with another actor only in battle

    I'm wondering how I could achieve what is stated above. Where you merge or add the difference between your stats of another actor. I'm trying to create a game where you have a partner is a living weapon and when in battle you transform merging together sharing abilities and stats. the skills I...
  11. Kage

    What are the biggest mistakes begginers do?

    Hey Everyone. So I'm just starting my journey with RMMV but I don't want to set myself up for failure from the get go. I'm wondering what are the most common mistakes that beginners do? How should I prepare myself? What is the most annoying thing you find in a amature rpg game? What are the big...
  12. Shiradesu

    How to make a custom game in VX Ace?

    Hello! (I do hope I am in the correct forum, if not, please let me know!) I really am asking for something big, but after making a few short games on my own, using the basic assets and the basics menus. I came across The Grey Garden, a game by Deep-Sea Prisoner, understanding that the game...
  13. Avery

    Smooth autotiles - a 5 minute hack to nice transitions

    I see a lot people having struggle with that, so here is a quick and easy solution I wanted to share. Step 1: There is this tile in Dungeon_A2 - cut it out. Step 2: Duplicate it two times and merge the 3 layers. Step 3: and Add your two terrains as seperate layers. Step 4: Add a...
  14. Skills help

    Hey I'm asking for a tutorial on how to gain skills as you level. I've programmed an attack, assigned it to my actors class and checked stuff, to the point where it even says in game when I level to the correct level 'You have learned this move'. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong or can provide...
  15. HayaEdu

    Little Help for my Demo Math Game

    I have problems with my simple math game. The answer for the operation is wrong; I think it did not go into one of the conditioning on my script. I think showing pictures is a better explanation. I'm a beginner with things like this, but I think I have no big problem with the variables. The...
  16. HayaEdu

    Math Game, How to?

    Does anyone know how to make a math game where the amount of damage is affected by your answer, lesser if wrong and greater when right? The questions depend on how strong the enemies are; items, randomly given although categorized by level of difficulties. I know it's easy for the others but I'm...
  17. good for pet games?

    So I picked 2003 up cheap for on the Steam Summer sale and wanted to know, is this good for making pet games? or would a different RPG maker work best, or not RPG maker at all? Also Since I do want to look into other kinds of games too, is 2003 the best for beginners?
  18. Kaffle777

    General Questions

    1.How to add a second floor to a building? 2. How to add dialogue to a certain time and place? 3. How to make a simple puzzle? 4. How to make a cutscene? 5. How to put characters in a boat? 6. How to create a moving scenery? 7. How to put special skills onto your main character? 8. How to add...
  19. SakuraMiya

    How to make a character move on a looping map?

    For my game I'm using a cutscene which includes a looping map and two characters talking as the map loops (using Set Move + 1 Step Forward + Repeat). At one point the characters stop walking for a while and then resume walking, but I can't make them stop. I tried to use an event as a parallel...
  20. Kaffle777

    Any tips?

    I have just got RPG maker VX ace and I'm doing okay, I have a town with a couple bulidings and a starting area with a few characters. I know the basics of map creating. Any tips you guys may have for a beginner?

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