1. Should I start now with MZ or wait for Unite?

    So, I've been dabbling into some RPG Maker MZ tutorials and resources on the last couple of days, trying to figuring out what do I want to do, I was thinking about making either an ARPG or a Tactical RPG, and I actually found some plugins for MZ for the second one. But, I also found out RPG...
  2. Is there a way to make an attack only possible if an actor is in a certain state?

    I have an actor that gives themselves a state called Adrenaline, and I want to make a move that only works if they actively have this state. Can I have some help on how to do this?
  3. are there any rpy maker mz courses that actually goes indepth in to JavaScript?

    I'm more of an artist than a programmer to be honest, while I've looked in to javascript courses on my own, for whatever reason I still don't get how I'm supposed to translate any of that knowledge in to rpg maker, and its making me really frustrated. I've come to the conclusion that I might...
  4. WinterIris

    is there anything better then the ButtonPicture plugin?

    I'm not at all familiar with the rpg maker program but for my test project i wanted to try making a visual novel/point and click game. i have all the novel stuff down but the ButtonPicture plugin that comes with MZ is giving me a headache. Is there any way to use the plugin and not...
  5. lemfukatoru

    A few random MV questions I can't find any answers to.

    So, I've got a few questions: I'm not sure where to start with them! One, I'm trying to make a click-through tutorial screen, similar to Yume Nikki's tutorial effect. There are only two pictures and I can't seem to figure it out on my own. Do I need to use a script, or something? I'd prefer...
  6. Tall Sprite characters

    Hi everyone and welcome to my post. Before talking about what I came to look for, I come first of all to seek help (because I have been starting for a while), maybe for some, simple things (in my opinion who are). I am French and excuse me, but I have to go through a translator. I don't know...
  7. HerGoldia

    I finally pulled the trigger and bought RPGM MZ! Any Tips to start with?

    Hey, I'm Asche HerGoldia. New here! I've always wanted to make my own Games. A Story RPG, Fighters, etc. I can Draw, Write and Compose Music a bit but I don't like Coding so I had my eyes on RPGM for the longest time. I remember Final Fantasy was the one among of a sea of games that first...
  8. Mikachip

    What part of your game do you usually work on first?

    I'm an artist before I became interested in game development, which is why I chose rpg maker as the game engine since I have no coding knowledge. When I started making my game, I learned the basics of rpg maker mv then started working on the art of the game: character portraits, sprites etc...
  9. MV or MZ for a beginner with coding experience and high aspirations

    I am going to make a game which is distinct enough that i'll need a lot of plugins and probably code some myself. The idea is a buldurs game like game where its based of a ttrpg and is more or less just converted into a game. RPG-maker works well in that regard. But the battle system alone is...
  10. _C_Thun_

    Starting my very first project (Visual and implementation questions)

    Hey there! Soo... I'm not sure where to start this, so I'll jump right into it. This is my very first time with RPG Maker (MV) and with game development in itself. My idea is about an endless, Undertale-like game, where you have to handle periodically spawning mobs in random order -either with...
  11. HailTheQueen

    Beginner in need of help

    Hello everyone! I have some newbie questions about RPG Maker. If someone can help me with it, it would be much appreciated. First, this is probably the most stupid question of them all. How do you keep open a choose dialog option? Since my english is trash, i'll offer an example. Char 1 talks to...
  12. plasticlove

    Is there a "manual"?

    Hiya! Still plugging alone trying to figure RPGMaker MZ out -- really only ever used the PSX version, so there's a lot to learn, and I'm still struggling with a lot of basics, even after finishing the tutorial. (For example, I only recently learned I could select more than one tile.) I want to...
  13. LittenDev

    How long is to long of a beginning?

    I was working on my story heavy RPG, when i realized that it takes about 15-20 minutes (depending on how long the player spends goofing off, talking to villagers, messing with a cat that hangs out by the village, gathering materials, etc) before there is any real combat (besides the pseudo...
  14. Novam4a1

    Greetings everyone!

    Hello everyone! I'm Nova and I'm brand new to RPG maker as a whole! I recently downloaded RMMZ and already i'm very amazed at how helpful and friendly the community is! So far i've completed the RMMZ tutorial (phew, I hope this gets easier in time!) I look forward to meeting you all! I'm a...
  15. General Help/Guidance

    Hello everybody! I'm working on a very ambitious project in RPG Maker MV and I have no idea where to even start. I've begun with composing some tracks, doing concept art, and writing the story, but I have no idea where to even start when it comes to actually programming things in this...
  16. Sweaterman

    Beginner RM2K3 user, in need of help with first game.

    What's happenin' fourm? I'm working on an RM2K3 game called Mist. It's semi-inspired by Earthbound/MOTHER 2, and exists to put the titular character Mist into distress. The game is low-fantasy, and the plot goes as follows: Mist is a random traveller who enters 'The Dark World' hoping to find...
  17. Fleas

    RMMV Princesses of Public Domain

    Princesses of Public Domain This is a quick beginner RPG I built for my 8-year old daughter as a way to introduce her to the genre. It can be completed in about 3 hours or broken into roughly 4x 45 minute chunks. Collect princesses, help them with their own fabled story-line, then get them...
  18. Necromortis

    Hello to everyone~

    Hello, dearest friends. I’m Mort(or necromortis) I guess it isn't the first thread with such "genius" question, but anyway. I really want to be a part of community. I want to make games using RMMV(or RMVX), but.. I simply don't know what to do first. (Except for the plot and character...
  19. DarkSeraph

    Help with Hiding/Revealing locations

    So I have a game where there are dungeons that remain hidden and you cannot enter. But when you meet certain criteria, it reveals itself and allows you to enter. I tried to set it so when a variable reaches or exceeds a certain number, the event reveals itself and lets you interact with it. Can...
  20. A question about RPG Maker's default tiles

    (I'm sorry if this isn't the correct forum to post this question, I wasn't sure where to ask this.) Is it possible to make a nice-looking RPG Maker game using mostly the tiles the program comes with? I don't have much in way of resources or artistic ability, so I feel I'll have to rely on them...

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