1. Starmage

    Recommended Starter's DLC for this assets?

    Hi all! ^_^ XD I've actually already been eyeing these beautiful medieval asset packs ever since! And wish to be able to try my hand with 'em in the future soon! (After I'm done with my current project, of course xD). I was just curious. What DLC packs for MV would you recommend for this asset...
  2. harmonic311

    Is XV Ace the Best RPG Maker for beginners?

    Hello, everyone! I'm new to RPG Maker and wanted to know the best RPG Maker product for someone like me who is just starting out. I've never done coding or game design before and, honestly, I'm just curious to see what I can do with it. I want something that's easy, but I also want something...
  3. Llareian

    Tutorial Videos Gone?

    Hi, sorry if this is kind of an obvious thing, but it seems that the update eliminated ALL of the video links in the tutorials? I didn't know if anyone was aware of it yet, but when you go to the tutorial posts, there just...aren't videos. Not even broken links at all. I'm guessing...
  4. Dreadshadow

    Programming languages for beginners. Is Javascript all right?

    This thread is not directly related on coding or programming in Javascript, but on sharing thoughts about some things on Javascrpt, so I post it on General Lounge. First off a WARNING. I am neutal to Javascript. I love to hear different opinions and that is why  I create such threads. But if...
  5. Canini

    Two small tricks to make the world seem more lively

    This is my first tutorial, aimed at beginners. If there are any way I can improve it, feel free to give me feedback below! :) Making the world and the character feel real is harder than it looks. Perhaps you have created your first short game, familiarized yourself with the rpgmaker engine...
  6. Oliin

    MV Video Tutorial Series - Current Ep: Simple In-Game, Evented Actor Creation

    SE Games Video Tutorials for RPG Maker MV Hello all, Oliin here. I'm working on a series of RPG Maker MV video tutorials for the beginner who's trying to do just a little bit more with the engine. It's a series in progress and I'll be updating this post as I create more. Most Recent Ep...
  7. SumRndmDde

    RPG Maker MV Beginner Tutorial Series

    RPG Maker MV Beginner Tutorial Series The following is a video series that is intended for beginners of the RPG Maker MV program. Each video is about five to ten minutes long and they can be grouped into various overall subjects. I would recommend this to anyone unfamiliar with RPG Maker. :)
  8. fallenlorelei

    MV Parallax Mapping for Beginners (3 Part Video Series)

    Parallax Mapping for Beginners I just finished my first tutorial, a 3-part video series on how to parallax map for RPG Maker MV! If you have any tips for me for future tutorials, let me know =D Thanks! You Will Learn How To... create a unique forest/mountainside map using only the default MV...
  9. Carri

    Gift Box with Playable Music Box Tutorial for Beginners

    Gift Box with Playable Music Box Tutorial for Beginners by Carrigon Beginners Level This tutorial gives several lessons in one. We are in a small escape the room scenario. The door is locked. Maybe what's inside the giftbox can help us unlock the door. I'm going to show you...
  10. Carri

    How to Add a Casino Slots Mini Game EASY Tutorial

    How to Add a Casino Slots Mini Game EASY Tutorial Tutorial by Carrigon Full credit to CACAO for his Mini Game Scripts Beginners Level Tutorial: This tutorial will show you how to add a mini Casino Slots game to your own game.  I don't even have...

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