1. gsuk

    scripting to decide behavior of enemies based on levels of party members

    I'm using a script which makes enemies attack you if they are stronger than you (based on their level). It works fine when there is only one party member, but let's say you are level 10 and you recruit someone who is level 3. There are enemies that will not attack you if you are alone (because...
  2. Mikleo

    MV Behavior Sprites

    Hello, I just want to ask if someone has an Eating meals and/or Drinking (soda, tea, coffee) Behavior Sprites? Would anyone be so kind to point out any resources like that? Or maybe share it if it's ok?
  3. Shinma

    Lack of behavior sprites in MV

    So am I just overlooking them or do we not have any behavior sprites in MV? If so, has anyone created any? I really like the lutenist from VX Ace.
  4. Pixel-777

    Momope's VX/Ace Down Sprite Generator this generator by momope creates downed/damaged sprites! here's an example: the download is at the link above, but i'll also put the direct link here too. if you have problems with the installer, run it as an administrator and it should...
  5. NeoFantasy

    Simple sprite annimation needed

    Hey guys I need someone to make this sprite animate like she's pulling up her hood to  I don't need all poses just facing down Thank you in advance :D
  6. Evan Finkel

    Behavior Sprites

    Hey random people! Glad to see you are reading my small request thread! What I need : Behavior sprites like, flying, hands up, jumping to create a GIF image. (In DS style.) 1. Actor : Winter , Required sprite : Showing sword in the left/right arm, reference image :  2. Actor : Rose/Isabel ...
  7. Sozdorferz

    Custom Character Behavior and Damage Sprites

    Hello, I'm not exactly new to RPG Maker, as I've had Ace for a year or so now, but I absolutely suck at artwork of any kind. For the game I'm making, I'd like to have the custom character I've made from the built in character creator, to have custom animations like behavior(frozen, stone...
  8. Larger Sprites with Behavior

    Hello. Does anyone know where can I get templates for larger sprites with behavior? 
  9. GIMP help, behaviors of the different graphic 'types' when imported

    Ok so I am trying to edit some tilesets/graphics/etc into sheets that would work with the events system. But files under the 'Characters' Graphics file seem to have some kind of formula to it. I looked around but didn't find an answer. So my questions are: How does the prefix affect the...

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