1. Best RPG Maker RTP Music

    What is your favorite default RTP music from RPG Maker? Here's my top 5 from the versions I have: RPG Maker MZ Battle 4 Scene 1 Castle 2 Theme 1 Field 1 RPG Maker MV Town 1 Battle 6 Theme 3 Dungeon 6 Field 1 RPG Maker 2003 Boss 1 Field 4 Village 2 Animal Battle 2
  2. Parallax Panda

    Looking for the ”best” parallax mapping plugin

    I’ve done some parallax mapping before but after many plugin creators have left (or gone into hibernation?), I’m no longer sure which plugin to use for parallax mapping. Since the engine will keep updating, using something that’ll not get updated anymore isn’t a good idea. Worse even of the...
  3. TheMutantSpaceDancer

    Waluigi game ideas.

    As we all know, Waluigi is the best fictional character to ever be made up by Nintendo, only one key problem though, Nintendo refuses to realized how great he is by not giving him his own game. Waluigi needs a game about, and a good one at that so throw me your best idea for a game starring the...
  4. sertianscompany

    Best Resolution for iPhone game

    Hello! :) I´m developing a game in RPG Maker MV for iPhone (5..5s..5c..6..6s..). I started with a HD resolution (Yanfly plugin) 1280x720 (16:9 landscape), but...my character and the map looks far and small, so I don't want that. Then I used the Masked MapZoom plugin (MBS_MapZoom) which...
  5. _Shadow_

    Variable or swithces? Best practice advice focused on performance.

    So, let's assume I wanna make a system that will decide something, according to some things that occur. Let's say we got 11 Events. There might be 3 things possibly happening to each of them.  What happens to the first, will determine what happens on the second. What happens on both first and...
  6. Mynameis

    What was the WORST and/ or best Anime Manga you've seen/read?

    Thanks to    Ikari :D I had an idea for what was the WORST and/ or best Anime Manga you've seen/read? For me the worst one I watched (I couldn't even watch 3 episodes of it :P was "Nisekoi" ugh...And a second season? No thank you! I haven't read any manga I didn't like. But my favorite...
  7. Ultim

    Best Modern Games You've Played

    After a posting break,I decided to stop lurking and start posting again. This is the same as the previous one,but these are for the best modern games you've played.But there's one rule,they must've been out between 2012 and 2014 Let The Discussion Begin !
  8. Levi

    Parallax Scripts / Which one to use?

    I'm not sure if this should be in the Scripts forum or not... but I figure it goes here as it's kind of a "Support" question. I'm interested in trying out parallax mapping... but I've found four scripts and don't know which is best for me. I've never done parallax mapping. I'm interested...

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