1. BlueDragonZ

    RMMV Bestiary plugin Yep SV enemies

    Hey there people of the internet. I'm back looking for a bestiary plugin compatible with Yanfly's SV Enemies and Lib's battle motion.
  2. YoshiElement

    RMMV How can I skip choosing an actor for menu commands? (YEP_MainMenuManager)

    Hello, I'm using two plugins: YEP_MainMenuManager and STV_BeastBook. You can add the Beast Book to the main menu using SceneManager.push(Scene_BeastBook) but it appears to only function as an Actor Bind. I always have to choose an actor in order to see the Bestiary. I've attached a screenshot...
  3. coucassi

    RMMV Enemy Book

    Heyho! I know there are some Bestiary PlugIns out there, but I couldn't find one that covers everything I'd wish for yet. To specify what I am looking for: Add enemies to the book via PlugIn command Hide certain enemies, so that they won't appear in the book at all The book should be...
  4. ThreeSixNine

    RMMV CGMV Encyclopedia and Yanfly Animated Sideview Enemies Compatibililty

    I have been working on a way to show a battler image in CGMV Encyclopedia when using Yanfly's Sideview Animated Enemies. So I have come up with a script that, so far seems to work. if ($dataEnemies[6].battlerName === '' && $dataEnemies.sideviewBattler != '') { $dataEnemies[6].battlerName...
  5. casper667

    [CGMZ] Encyclopedia and Bestiary

    CGMZ Encyclopedia and Bestiary By: Casper Gaming Last Update: May 19, 2023 Latest Version: 1.7.3 This plugin creates a powerful encyclopedia for your game, with default categories including bestiary, items, armors, weapons, skills, and states. It can also handle as many custom categories as...
  6. Yanfly Animated Sideview Enemies conflicting with Bestiary plugin

    I'm using Yanfly Animated Sideview Enemies and I have the enemies properly animating in game, however I am also using Mr.Trivel's Monster book which allows players to view previously defeated enemies. The problem is when I defeat an enemy and check the bestiary, their image does not show up. It...
  7. TheJuuuuJuuuu

    Enemy Book (Bestiary) like in FF

    Hello everyone! I am currently working on a project in advanced stage with RPG Maker MV and up until now I've been using the "EnemyBook" plug-in that came with the software. However, the more I use it, the less attractive it becomes to me. For a very-close-to-FF-RPG, a bestiary like in some...
  8. casper667

    CGMV Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    CGMV Encyclopedia By: Casper Gaming (Casper667) Last Update: 9/7/2020 Latest Version: 1.8 This plugin creates an encyclopedia system. It includes enemies, items, weapons, armors, skills, and states by default. You can also add as many custom categories with as many entries as you want. This...
  9. BreeChan

    Bestiary with Categories

    Hey, all! I'm looking for something similar to Venka's Bestiary Logbook in Ace, but I'm not sure if these features can be done in the bestiary plugins that are already out, so I'm requesting a new one. The key feature I'd like is the categories page that allows you to separate the enemies by...
  10. Bestiary with Additions

    Hi All, I have been using RPG Maker series for awhile; so apologies if this is already a thread, already been asked etc. I am looking to create a game that heavily based around the creatures of my world. I want to create a bestiary, but I also want to have it so the more encounters you...
  11. Spookyrus

    Switches and such that carry over save files?

    Hi! I'm working on a game, and I was wondering if it was possible to have a switch kept on even in save files other than the one were it was activated. I ask because the game I'm working on has four modes, and you can only play one per save file. However, I want something new to be unlocked...
  12. Kevin Eontrainer

    Skill Encyclopedia

    Hello friends! Maybe this one's a bit different... I'd like to make a menu that acts exactly like bestiary, but with skills. So this encyclopedia feature should record every skill used by opponents (and by party member if it's possible) . Since I've made a lot of 'dummy' skills (for...
  13. GolfHacker

    Need a script call to invoke the enemy scan in Venka's Bestiary Logbook

    I'd like to use Venka's wonderful Bestiary Logbook script for my game. Here's the link: I'm also using Yami's Battle Symphony, and I'm running into a slight issue with the two. (Don't worry, I'm not asking for a compatibility fix here) The problem is that when I invoke a skill or item to...
  14. Mr. Trivel

    Monster Book

    Name: Monster Book Version: 1.1 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-11-04   What does it do? Adds a Monster Book to the game which can be accessed through Plugin Command or Menu. Monster Book records and holds info of all enemies you killed what loot you gained from them. *Note: Suited for...
  15. zilgaant

    [VX ACE] Bestiary Script Compatible with some YEA Scripts

    Everyone, i want to make a request regarding YEA which is a Bestiary Script :D Bestiary that will be compatible with : YEA - Menu Engine (to put the command) YEA – Extra Drops YEA – Enemy Info & Steal Item (so the displayed status will be in sync with the data we saw on battle and i have...
  16. Venka

    Bestiary Logbook v1.8 - updated 1/21/2014

    Bestiary Logbook by Venka Description: This is a scene you can access via the menu that will let you keep track of enemies you've encountered. You can learn things about the enemy with a scan skill that is built into the script. You can customize many of the features in the script. You can...
  17. That Bread

    Animated Battlers in a Bestiary

    I've seen Bestiary menus all around, but all of them use a still image of the enemy from within the database. Since I do have some unique characters as animated battlers... this becomes a bit of a problem.  What's the Situation So I ask is there a way to have a Bestiary menu with an animated...
  18. Yin

    Code Off #2 : Bestiary (Unfinished & Not Entered)

    This is a totally unfinished version of my bestiary meant for the code off. I got caught up with something else and was not able to finish or release it in time for the contest. Mind you this is a raw, uncommented, unpolished, and UNFINISHED version. It is lacking a scan skill and enemies are...
  19. Enelvon

    SES Bestiary v1.2 (Now with Demiurge plugin!)

    SES Bestiary v1.2 by Enelvon Introduction This script is intended to provide an extremely customizable bestiary for use in a variety of situations. Every aspect of the layout can be altered by the developer, including the number of pages and types of information displayed. Future updates are...
  20. Fonstw

    [SOLVED] RPG VX Ace Monsterbook

    Hello dear RPG Maker VX Ace Community, I have been looking for a Monster Book-script for RPG Maker VX Ace, but all the Monster Book-scripts I can find for Ace only give the following information: But those things seem somewhat uninteresting for a player, since the stats don't matter as long as...

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