1. dreamfall887

    Let's discuss beta versions of our games!

    Hello everyone! I love looking at concept art, unused audio and beta versions of games I love. I find it interesting to see the development and how even talented big names in the industry like Nintendo design their games. I thought it would be fun to share beta versions of our games. :) I'll go...
  2. johndfg

    TRADE RPG HORROR - Looking for Game Testers (HALF DEAD)

    Currently have one person testing! Hey everyone, I'm looking for game testers to play the near completed version of my horror/puzzle game Half Dead that I hope to release in the coming months. I will be putting everyone who helps out in the credits of the game. What I need is for you to take...
  3. Dutch Power Creations

    TRADE Searching for testers

    Hello everyone, Engine: RM MV My Role(s)/Position(s): Developer I am looking for game testers to play the demo of 'The Lost' that will come out end this month/start of October. I am willing to play your game as a first Impression in return and include you into the 'special thanks' section in...
  4. RMVXA [Mild Cussing you have been warned] Stupid game i made i guess?

    So im in the process of making a VX ace game, it makes fun of the really bad games, (also i used to be one of the people that made really bad games for rpg maker) but it has one certain character that is the generic cussing teammate that annoys you. i also have the main character as that generic...
  5. OneManIndie

    RMXP Monstructs: Makers and Mayhem - Monster Creating Sim/RPG (EARLY ACCESS 1 RELEASED)

    This game has RELEASED IT'S NEWEST BETA! Please follow this links to the download and the recruitment thread if interested. T.I.A. BETA 2 Release Download (ITCH) BETA 2 Release Download (GAMEJOLT) BETA 1 Release Download (ITCH) BETA 1 Release Download (GAMEJOLT) BETA 0 RELEASE Download...
  6. ZeroTheGrim

    Beta Key Creation help

    Hello! I'm sort of new here so I hope this is the right place for this, but I wanna make beta keys to send to people and have them go to a site (hopefully free) for them to use the key and download my game. Any idea how I can go about this? Sorry again if this is the wrong area!
  7. gabon

    AvatarWorld - Legacy of the Reaper v1.0(Moved to rpgmv and newgrounds)

    AvatarWorld ~Legacy of the Reaper~   Introduction of the story : The plot starts 65 Million Years ago on a space ship that tries an experiment to replicate the genes of an unknown species of aliens who posses some kind of "magic" . The experiment almost go wrong...
  8. Cherry

    [Your help needed!] Test bugfix for key input processing when key is continuously pressed

    Dear community, RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 always had the problem that when a key was continuously held down and you were polling the key states using "Key Input Processing", you would falsely get zero (no keys held down) every few checks, so it would look as if the user were pressing and...
  9. Allsvin

    Machine Made: Rebirth (Beta Testing/Content Creation Recruitment)

    THE STORY After an ancient war between the angelic Zephyrim and demonic Cambion, the Cambion have been all but wiped out and the Zephyrim have fled into the skies. One Zephyrim woman stands up to the evil machine attempting to enslave her people and is banished to a world where she is surely...
  10. Chaos17

    Chibi Dungeon

    Just like the title of the game says, the whole project is a short little dungeon. All the rooms are covered in dark, so you will never know what will be ahead of you or hidden from you. But do not fear, once you discovered a room it will stay uncovered. Also beware of some...
  11. Aldestan: Beginning of a Destined Path (formerly Aldestan's Escape)- Beta

    Aldestan: Beginning of a Destined Path (Beta) (Contains some blood, mild language, and brief suggestion of sexual themes.) Aldestan and his brother-in-arms Mordam have been shipwrecked.  The only survivors, they find themselves in a desert, with only a scant few provisions.     In need of...
  12. Liquid Fire

    Liquid Fire - Beta v0.30 Made with RMVXAce. Story: Liquid Fire. Play the game as a boy called Silver. You start out waking up in some kind of strange dimension. You have no clue who you are and why you're here. And then some sort of white ghost comes around telling you almost killed your...
  13. Wyn Wizard

    Dungeon Master Engine Ace

    Introduction:   Hello RMW! My name is Eugene Petrie, otherwise known as Wyn Wizard.   I am a novice scripter and as of late I have decided to create my own "Script Engine" for you guys to use. I've always wanted to work with open source code and make free things for others, since I enjoy...
  14. KanaX

    Game Testing

    1) When is a good time to have people test my game? 2) Can I present it as an alpha since it is not near completion yet? 3) Where can I request for the testing? 4) How can I protect the game from plagiarism?
  15. Saro0fDemons

    Zombie World V1.0 Beta

    This is my first attempt at an rpg game. A short zombie RPG where you play as Nyxia, a 'mad' scientist trying to cure her twin sister of a terrible unknown illness. She attempts a mutation of the disease in order to create a vaccine, but her experiment goes horribly wrong and she winds up...
  16. EliteKilljoy

    Beta Tester & Feedback

    EliteKilljoy's Beta Testing & Feedback Service What I will do: -Test play your finished or unfinished game for a minimum of 30 minutes (unless your demo is shorter than that). I might play for longer if I have the time and/or if I liked it enough to continue for more. -Provide...
  17. iMaple

    Dude vs. JRPG Beta

    Yo, RPG Webs. I've been on a bit of a hiatus, but I suddenly got an urge of productivity in the last month. So I tinkered around a bit in the editor, crafting "grand tales" (delusions of grandeur, to put it mildly) but ultimately got nowhere. ... or so it was. Something doable. I sat down...
  18. Advent Peril : Dawn of a New Age (Action RPG)

           Hello Community! EncryptedKnight here to welcome you to my Project Beta. It has taken me 8 long months to develop this project, and I have come to the point where I can use some user feedback in regards to resources used, game mechanics, and story line as well as overall map appearances...
  19. Zahuranecs

    Obsidian Dreams Beta 0.2

    I have recently started working on an adventure game called Obsidian Dreams using the RPGMaker engine, and have decided to release the game as an open beta.        The idea behind Obsidian Dreams is that the player plays the role of a boy (whose default name is Lance) who must traverse...
  20. GamerCEO

    Compressed game file/beta was opened within RPG Maker

    Help?  My Dad didn't realize what he was doing & he opened RPG Maker (like we usually do) but instead of opening the current RPGMaker development file (I date them for version control) like we've been doing for months, he wasn't paying attention and opened the compressed game file I sent out as...

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