1. tale

    Shop BGM

    ShopBGM - 2020/03/01 Creator name: Triacontane Introduction During shop scene, shop background music plays automatically. When you return to the map, the map background music resumes. Features - Parameters for selecting bgm | change: volume, pitch, pan | specified switchID - You can make a...
  2. Lunaboo

    Somehow I muted the music and I dont know how to fix it ;-; Please help!

    I think I pressed a button I wasn't supposed to, now my music settings say "-9999999" and I can't use the slider either ;-; Please help!!!!
  3. gabicho

    replay bgm error

    Hello My game is an action game that uses an abs system. I've tried to have the game change to enemy music when an enemy event is activated. After the enemies are killed, the game goes back to the saved BGM. Pretty much the process is this: This works fantastically and I've never had any...
  4. Small Music Pack - Non-commercial only

    Hey! I'm pretty new here, but I have worked with RPG Maker for a few years now. Anyhow - I produced a few tracks for my games in the past (which have sadly all been scrapped). I recently uncovered some of the original exports of the tracks I made for the games and wish to share them here...
  5. Legend20

    How to play multiple music tracks in the title screen?

    I'm wondering if there's a way to play several different tracks of music on the title screen at once, and let the music automatically fade-in and fade-out, so the next track comes in nice and easy. Is there a way to do this? Or maybe a free plugin that can help? Newbie btw.
  6. RaxxTDC

    BGM in game not working please help!

    Ok so only the music I've imported isn't working in my game it only works in audio test menu it's .mp3 format (I've also tried it in other formats) it's in the Audio>BGM> folder and still it is not working please help me. I've tried reinstalling and replacing files etc. nothing seems to work...
  7. CynicSyndrome

    can you start BGM at a desired time index??

    ◆Script:AudioManager.playBgm({ name: $gameVariables.value(1309), volume: $gameVariables.value(1310), pitch: $gameVariables.value(1311), pan: $gameVariables.value(1312)}); I am using this above code to designate BGM to play and settings to use. it works 100% perfectly, but now I need a way to...
  8. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    Change The Title Screen Music From An Event?

    Is there a plugin that lets me change the title screen bgm with an event or using plugin commands? I really want this for something I want to do for a game I'm making. I've tried researching this online but no luck.
  9. Diamond Star

    My first published soundtracks

    Hello! I am an RPG lover and RPG music lover, and like to compose music. So I decided to get encouraged and publish my music Listen to my first published tracks and follow me on soundcloud for incoming game music. Honest Emotions Echoes My Youtube channel...
  10. TwistedSisler

    Music/Sound Effects w/ an Earthbound-ish feel

    Hey everyone! :) Not new to RPG Maker, but new to the community here so I first wanted to give a big hello! :) Here are some additional details for what I am looking for based on the title of the thread: Maker Version: MV Resource Type(s): BGM and Sound Effects for all environments...
  11. PhxFire

    Crossfade BGM

    I'm not a big fan of the sudden stop and start of the BGM when switching maps, is there a plugin to crossfade the music, or atleast fade out and fade in? Thanks!
  12. PhxFire

    LF Simple BGM Loop

    I need a relaxing background music loop for a small forest village. I'm looking for something in a similar style to minecraft's BGM (here)... Not quite as slow/ relaxing as that but as a more of a reference point. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Queerpg

    Changing background music on multiple maps after event

    Yo! So I have a boss battle where afterwards the island starts shaking and falling apart. I want to change all of the background music (Boss battle map, exit boss battle map, island map & inside houses maps) to something more intense before the player character escapes, but not sure how to do...
  14. BGM music cutscene

    Does anyone know how to suddenly stop the bgm music during a cutscene? I am making a horror game and wanted to stop the bgm right after a cat passes by. I tried with fadeout bgm but it does not help. I would appreciate any sorts of help!
  15. WeGotBeats

    TRADE Need Custom Sprites (willing to trade for BGM music)

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: Travis is from the small town of Livingston. He grows up there with his mother, father and his brother Darick. One day Darick travels into town and is never heard from again. 10 years later, Travis, now a man, with his companions battle the global entity known as...
  16. DiegoAngelGamer

    Can someone pass me BGM folder music? [MV]

    Recently I formatted my PC and I didn't find any BGM folder files from MV. Yes, I checked my KADOKAWA folder and they weren't there. Can someone pass me all files (Battle1, Battle2...)? Please, I just want BGM. No need for BGS, ME or SE. Thanks in advance and keep RPG Making!!! - Diego
  17. Percid

    BGM cuts off halfway

    Hello, I got back to RPG Maker after a year and some and I am facing an issue I remember very well, but never solved: The BGM gets cut off. I tried playtesting to see if it would be different in-game, but it still cuts off. I played the track on my media player and it loops beautifully. Does...
  18. Poupouille

    Play a BGM only once

    Hello:kaohi: I would like to know if it was possible to play a BGM only once, and if so, how?
  19. Music suddenly plays for no reason

    Currently I have an autorun event that dictates what happens in the first part of the map. Then it is supposed to erase itself in order to stop the event repeating itself when it is finished. However, instead it starts playing one of my BGM files and the player can't move. Does anyone know how...
  20. Magusalfador

    Help, can I Save the name of currentBgm on a variable?

    I was wondering if I can save the name of the currentBgm playing on a variable? Thanks!

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