1. MushReen

    Recommended Fantasy / Medieval themed Musics

    Hello! I need a music recommendation for my project. The theme itself should be Fantasy / Medieval. I have searched for around 2 days on Google and I just confused which one is good for my project. Thanks!
  2. Lailia

    Simultaneous BGMs / Can I have two versions of the same song?

    Hello, I have looked around for plugins or for answers to this but have had little success so far, maybe I'm just not describing it correctly. What I want to do is this: I have two versions of a BGM track, when the conversation is normal I have a version without drums, and when the...
  3. OnslaughtSupply

    Fake Radio Plugin

    I have a request for a Plugin that would be similar to many plugin creators music library plugins, where the player can listen to music from the game, Yanlfly has one and I believe Moghunter, but instead of music from the game, the player can "tune" into different radio stations. Tuning into a...
  4. Danganronpa

    Help! how do I get multiple Battle BGM?

    Hi I just started and I'm in the progress of making battles and only one battle theme plays so I looked for it and it was in the system tab but it can play only one song and I looked on the internet and I can change it in the troops tab and add an event to change BGM and I did but still nothing...
  5. yopeople

    Yobob's Game Developer's Music Asset Pack

    Y.B. Music Asset Pack It's hard to develop your game, especially if it's a one man army, but fret not! I will help you relieve some of that stress. At least music wise. I can create music for your small game: dramatic music, slow music, scene cut music, and best of all, battle music. As an...
  6. yopeople

    Yobob's Game Developer's Music Asset Pack - Open

    Y.B. Music Asset Pack It's hard to develop your game, especially if it's a one man army, but fret not! I will help you relieve some of that stress. At least music wise. I can create music for your small game: dramatic music, slow music, scene cut music, and best of all, battle music. As an...
  7. ShawnBaxe

    ShawnBaxe's Music

    Hello there! I've started making some music for use with RPG Maker MV (and for my own project) and thought I'd share it with you. All tracks are loopable OGGs - so just import them into your project and they'll work. No need to create/edit any tags. Terms of Use Alright...now that that's out...
  8. Victor_Gurr

    New member, offering some free BGM for use and critique.

    Hi, hello, hey, namaste. Here are a few track best used for a science fiction/dystopian setting. I've used the tracks offered in RPG Maker MV to base these on in terms of length, file type, etc., but any input from you guys to help me improve would be greatly appreciated. This is my first...

    Musician services Activate

    Hello Everyone, I am a classically trained composer who enjoys Indie RPG's I found RPGmaker back in early 2003 and would spend a lot of time writing music for the various small scale games that we wrote based off of old scenarios we were writing. I look now to continue creating on new projects...
  10. Rink27

    Obtain Audio Filename

    Hello. Is there a script command that can return the filename of the currently playing bgm/bgs/me? Edit: I'm aware of $dataMap.bgm.name but there are songs that would not be called through map properties.
  11. Karbonic

    MadeWithMV Music?

    I was wondering if it were possible to have some form of BGM play during the "MadeWithMV" intro. I want to have the BGM start as soon as the game is started up. I want to have a sort of cinematic start to the start up of the game, but the dead silence kind of kills it for me.
  12. CleanWater

    FREE for commercial use MIDI

    Resource Type: BGM in .mid format Maker Format: RM2k3 Art Style: Any style, preferably orchestrated, medieval, celtic or acid jazz (BoF III fashion) Description: I need free for commercial use .mid files to use in my projects. I'm looking for a place where I can download these files whenever...
  13. Isabella Ava

    Melody G.Piano Soundtrack

    Well, i made a random song in this rainy morning :p So lets call it "Rainy Morning" track Feel free to use for Non-commercial or commercial game but you are required to credit me :)

    I am making a game and it's 25% done thanks to some help here, thanks for all the help!, but I have some original music that I composed supposedly for the background but I couldn't implement it! I know how to add title screen and gameover BGM but I dont know how to add it to the map itself while...
  15. djDarkX

    Additional DS/DS+ BGM's and ME's?

    I know this is a VERY big long shot, but I've heard the non-Ace versions of the music from DS+ as well as the ME's in DS, which some were shared between the two games, but is there any chance at all of getting the DS+ exclusive music as well as the DS/DS+ exclusive ME's? I've been wanting these...
  16. Lithalean

    [Tools][Audio] Stagelight + Sforzando [Beginner]

    (??I Don't know if this should go in tools or tutorials or ??) Stagelight (Mac, Windows, Android) http://us.openlabs.com Stagelight = DAW A digital audio workstation or DAW is an electronic device or computer software application for recording, editing and producing audio files such as songs...
  17. LakePixel

    LakePixel's Music Studio

    Hey, everyone. I'm looking to expand my horizons, and I would love to compose music for the community. Here are some examples of my pieces: ---EXAMPLE SONGS--- The music may be a bit loud, depending on your headphones. Stay safe, and turn down volume before listening to a track. The Tropics...
  18. bluebooth

    Consistent Audio Plugin

    Consistent Audio (CA) v1.01 Author: Michael Morris @Blue Booth Studios Introduction Hailed by some as "the most useful plugin of all time," Consistent Audio (CA) is one of two planned plugins for consistent map state between map transitions, saves, and loads (the second being Consistent...
  19. tale


    BattleBgmContinue - Version 1.0.0 (2016/03/29) Creator name: Triacontane Overview A continuation of battle bgm plugin Features - When it plays the current battle BGM, if it's the same battle bgm as before, it will resume. - And no plugin command. Credit and Thanks: Triacontane Terms of Use-...
  20. Sound effect stops BGM

    In a common event I have a sound effect play, but when it does, its stops the BGM. The common event in question is itself called from another common event. I have done tests and found that in a normal event, the bgm and sound affect can occur simultanioously. It is only in the common events...

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