1. nairnebear

    Midi restart after battle

    Hey there! I've searched high and low to no avail. Would it be possible to create a script for VX Ace that stops the field BGM (midi) from restarting after each battle? Or better still is there already one out there? Please don't tell me to use OGG or MP3 instead. Many thanks!
  2. Arisete™

    RPG Maker Music Remakes

      Welcome, me and a few friends have been working on RPG Maker themes for the past few days remaking them using Mabinogi's instruments + In-Game Composing skill which is a wonderful system for an MMORPG, but has it's limits. I am trying a new method, but still uses Midi formats then converts to...
  3. Tsukihime

    Vehicle BGM Fix

    This script fixes vehicle BGM related bugs: While the map BGM is playing, when you get on a vehicle, transfer maps, and get off, the BGM played is the BGM that was playing when you got on the vehicle, and not the new map's BGM When you transfer maps while on a vehicle, if the new map has an...
  4. kerbonklin

    Change BGM Tempo?

    So the default system only seems to support Volume and Pitch. (correct me if i'm wrong) but I would like to have the ability to change the Tempo of my BGMs. The Tempo is speeding up / slowing down without changing the pitch. For those who have Audacity, it's under "Effects > Change Tempo" in...
  5. Luigi-like

    Make game over play BGM instead of ME?

    Is it possible to make the game over to play looping BGM instead of a ME? Is it possible with common events or do i need yet another script to add to my list? Thanks to all future responses.
  6. Pre-emptive "Beep" on audio files

    Some of the audio files I am using have a starting "blip" noise that the game adds before playing the track. It's only some tracks, I have not been able to discern any specific cause; I have filtered out: file type, file name, length, and whether or not I altered the file name at any point. Any...
  7. thomas_surles

    Thomas's Stash *Updated 08/25/2013*

    Here Is my stash of Music and art. Free to use in commercial and non commercial games with credit. I Can take requests but no promises I'm not a good pixel artist. But Music I can do.  :rock-left:   :rock-right:     Credits: Thomas Surles and Knight yamato for the blank sprite template.    ...
  8. West Mains

    WestMains' Audio Workshop!

      Welcome to my Audio Workshop! Here for all your audio needs. I've been making music for a few years now, and I love making it for the games I make. The only thing I like more is making it for other people! I've done a couple of custom songs, so I thought I'd make this thread to open up...
  9. RyanBram

    Make looping BGM - Part 1 (OGG Vorbis)

    How to make a perfect looping BGM for RPG Maker VX ACE (OGG Vorbis) Credits : Shu Introduction Have you ever wanted your battle music to play the intro once, and then loop only the main part, like most Final Fantasy battle music? That's exactly what this tutorial will teach you how to do...
  10. vindaca

    V's Awesome Options v1.4

    V's Awesome Options v1.4 Written Introduction This script allows you to change different aspects of the Title, Menu, End Game and Gameover Screens as well as window opacity and the Default Font settings. Check out the feature's spoiler for a more detailed description. I'm always open to...
  11. JANK

    JANK's music studio

    Welcome to Terms of use: Free to use with credit in non-commercial products. Thanks to PandaMaru for the logo Town Music Scene Music Themes Battle Music Dungeon Music World Map Music Other Music Sound Effects  
  12. Gyrowolf

    Gyrowolf's RPG Maker Music Pack

    Fanfare, please! Because that's what this update is all about! Enjoy! Fanfare001 Fanfare002 Fanfare002-B Fanfare003 Fanfare004 Fanfare005 Fanfare006 Fanfare007 Fanfare008 Fanfare009 Fanfare010
  13. Firestyle

    Theo's midi

    You don't think you're a real composer? I sure think you are. You're quite talented when it comes to music :D I'd love to use some of your music in my game projects.

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