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  1. Rodak

    The Divine Schnozola (MV God Edit)

    OK, so in The Clean Underwear Quest there is a God character the people worship named The Divine Schnozola - "The horizon is round like His Nostrils!" "The Heavens glisten like His Mucous!" and so on. It's an RPG, so naturally you have to fight God, right? Thus the need for an image. I...

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I hate doing voice over videos but people said they like hearing about the details.
Modern Town Overworld, World of Solaria Dungeon, 80's Retro-Futuristic Font | RPG Maker News #73

I been slowing down and not focusing on project currently.
I had this idea for VTubers vs MOTHER and its a bunch of Vtubers finding eight melodies to fight a psychic alien and a fat kid. IDK, kinda find it hard to use RPG Maker for more than 15 minutes
Working on some wizard/magic bases:

I mean, technically it's a flying base but I haven't made any wings yet, so magic hovering is it for now.

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