big parallax map


    Issues with bigger maps when parallax mapping (TDDP_BindPicturesToMap)

    Hello! I hope I didn't post this in the wrong place, this is my first time here I tried my best to find another thread about the issue, but a lot of stuff is outdated/doesn't cover my issue I wanted to start making parallax maps with overlays and stuff because there's not much I can do with a...

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So, explain why we can no longer use BBC code or smilies in our posts? This sparks much sadness...
Are we now stuck with WYSIWYG ? I cannot revert back my posts to good old raw text ?
I'm wondering if I may be putting too many things into one map. A story, within a story, within a story . . . it's fun, but I can't shake the feeling that it may be better to scrap some of it, and use it for another map. I'm not sure what to do.

And the beginning of a nearly complete grid system dawns.

I want to add a thin pixel border around the entire region. Like across all blue highlights that connect and red attack highlights that connect.

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