1. Nightblade50

    Does this iconset for VX Ace contain rips?

    So I saw an iconset that's really big, and it's for VX Ace. https://vxresource.wordpress.com/2010/07/05/biggest-iconset-ever/ But I think I recognize some of the icons from other games, especially the ones at the very bottom... Does this iconset have rips in it?
  2. Indsh

    Big Tiles

    Hello everyone, there was a plugin I saw a while ago but stupidly did not download at the time. It allowed you to set events to take up more than one tile both activating other events with 'event touch' (if you set to play) or that would allow 'Action button' on every tile if it was the player...
  3. Event that spans multiple tiles

    I'm looking into a simple way to make events that occupy more than the standard 48x48pixels tile, like a big monster for example or a big house. I would like to be able to engage the monster when I touch on his outside not a single tile. Same for buildings, I would like to be able to set the...
  4. Johan86

    Johan's MV stuff! (Updated 11/02/2018) (Added Castle Walls)

    Hello everyone! Here is a thread with all the resources I've edited or created for MV so far... Updated 11/02/2018: Added Castle Walls Updated 05/01/2018: Added Game-Icons-Net Iconset for MV Updated 20/10/2017: Added Wooden Fence Updated 08/10/2017: Added Extra Fence Updated 28/06/2017: Added...
  5. Johan86

    More Big Gates!

    Hi all! I did some recoloring on my previous Big Gate edits... These are also free for commercial & non-commercial use! Here are the gates: ...and here is the recolored gate frame tile: ...and thats all for now! I really hope you find them useful!
  6. Johan86

    Big Gate

    Hello everyone! I made some edits on the rpg maker mv default Gate 1 and I wanted to share, in case anyone needs a bigger gate! I also made a tile that maches the gate's new proportions... Its free for commercial & non-commercial use of course! I hope you like it!
  7. GoodSelf

    Cant read text on save files when loading

    Hey everyone, I'm using larger sprites than the ones that come default with MV, and I've run into the issue that when loading a game, the sprites cover the text of the save file. I would simply use another save plugin, but I'm not using facesets for my game, and there is not much information I...
  8. Mikleo

    Big Sprites

    Hello, I just want to ask... How do I make the Big Sprites (more than 48x48) work in MV? There have been some robots, monsters, or something used as player sprites, but how on earth do I use them? I recently edited my player sitting in a wheelchair... Unfortunately, it's a little beyond the...
  9. Gravemaster

    Broken Reality V13!

    http://gamejolt.com/games/broken-reality/131257 Try out the BIGGEST RPG Maker game today! Introducing version 13 of the game, featuring the brand new Floor 13 and tons of new content for all the previous Floors! While the game is loosely based on the SAO anime, its similarities with the...
  10. jet_black

    Splitting huge tilesets into several parts

    Hello guys, I have a problem. There are plenty of tilesets I have found, but each of them is one single file and they are not split. Means: I cannot map properly with it. If I load the same tileset-file into every part (A, B, C, etc.), then stuff will be cut and I just cannot use it. So my...
  11. Changing Font Type but Keeping Size (VX Ace)

    Is there a way to change the type of a font but making it bigger? For example, MS Mincho at 9 pt. looks like this: I tried the following: Font.default_name = ["MS Mincho"]Font.default_size = 9I'm aware that the size does not work like that, but what should i do? This makes the text in-game...
  12. MeowFace

    64 x 64 Large Skill Icons

    Made this script for a request here, and sharing it for anyone else that wish to use it. Features: A way to use 64x64 icon pictures for skills. Snapshot: How to Use: [1] Plug & Play, put the script below Material and Above Main in the script editor. [2] Name your skill icon pictures...
  13. ♥SOURCE♥

    Ace: Does lag hinders creativity and potential for great games?

    I was trying to make a nice city, with lots of people and therefore lots of events (100/200) to convey the feeling of dynamism and to make it look/feel more alive, and I found that the game lags heavily.   I realized that RPG Maker Ace's performance is severely limiting the creativity, the...
  14. Leafthefur

    Giant Tree Tileset request

    Yeah i need the tileset of some kind of big tree.. Basically a tree but big :D The colors can be the same Just like this one But A LOT more bigger and some "tree shadow" tiles please Eh i hope you understand ;-; EDIT: Dont forget to add an entrance please

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