1. Trying to Bind a Picture to the Map

    Hey everyone, this is one I've researched and cannot find for the life of me. Many people talking about plugins but I just can't find them. All I want to do is display pictures so that they don't move with the camera, but rather overlay on the map and stay in place. Like parallax mapping I...
  2. Luozcurator

    Help simulating Etrian Odyssey's bind system!

    I seek help and guidance implementing an equivalent of Etrian Odyssey's bind system in my game! In case you are wondering, EO replaces the silence state with binds. Ex. head bind seals skills that use the head, mouth, eyes, etc. [Here's a more detailed description...
  3. Isabella Ava

    bound function question?

    Hi there. There is something i don't understand with .bind in this trunk of code, could someone plz explain it = | Why do we put .bind here? I see no meaning of doing that in this code = |
  4. FeliPereira97

    SRD's Game Upgrade crashes game after it's exported (Because of RMMV's version)

    My project works pretty fine during playtest, but when I export it and open the "final version", I get an error at the exact moment it starts: Type Error Cannot read property 'bind' of undefined Since it happens in the exported version, F8 doesn't do anything. After searching a bit, I found a...
  5. ct_bolt

    Help with my bind events script, when/how to update position?

    Recently I started to create a plugin to bind events to certain objects like players and followers... See here: However I've been having trouble getting it to sync perfectly though... Currently I set the "bound event" location to the followers...
  6. laboratorystudios

    Does anyone know how to make a skill that makes the caster latch on to the target?

    I'm working on some states for a new game, and one skill I really want to implement is a skill that a caster will latch on or tangle themselves around the target and deal damage periodically each turn. I'm hoping to figure out when the caster dies or the target removes themselves, they both...
  7. Kino

    Tutorial: Update Pattern - Creating Classes That Run Actively

    Introduction A lot of times when creating plugins for RMMV, creating classes and systems usually take the form of modifications to the base code. And that's okay, but usually to check a process running on a scene, or to have our new class actively make changes, or update itself, we have to...

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