1. captainette777

    Tail feathers for the MV Character gen?

    I hope it's ok that I'm not using the usual format for requesting since this is a super small request: Are there generator parts for bird tail feathers? I am making a character who's apart of a humanoid bird race, and I have parts for a beak, wings, body, etc...but no tail. There are mammalian...
  2. Zack Phoenix

    Birds flying across the map - how to do it best?

    I wanted to do this for a while: Birds or bats flying across the screen and disappearing again. Or birds walking on foot, then flying away when you approach them. What is the best way to handle this? How do you guys do yours?
  3. Animate moving birds

    Hello guys I'm having a problem in which I dont know how to create birds that fly from one end to another? I have seen others use this but I dont really know how to or what to do.
  4. gvduck10

    Fish or shore birds

    I can't seem to find it now, but I saw an awesome koi sprite at some point. so (1) looking for fish and/or shore bird sprites and (2) not sure how to get fish to move around in water or how to get birds to fly over water, since all the water is treated as immovable. Guess I could make water...

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