birthday bash

  1. Archeia

    Event RPG Maker 28th Birthday : Release Something Event

    Beautiful Banner Art by @marimo RPG Maker Net's Event Page ReStaff Release Page It's RPG Maker's birthday and you're invited to join in the celebration! Both RMN and RMW are hosting a dual event that is known in both communities - a Release Something event! The aim is to release a game -...
  2. metronome

    [Finished] INVICTiA

        Dedicated to those of you who almost give up. Know that you will NEVER loose as long as you don't give up to the bitter end.   Screenshots:   Characters: There are really only two characters in these whole game (excluding extras). Introducing them would be...
  3. Chester


    I was working on the Birthday Bash when I suddenly felt the urge to take a small nap like all kittens do but then I found myself in a whole new dimension meow.   FEATURING AS THE MAIN CHARACTER   DOWNLOAD LINK...
  4. NuraRay

    A New Hero

    Hallo everyone! I'm proud to present my little game "A New Hero". I heard of the game making challange and so I decided to give it a try. The game is about the adventure of a hero in his childhood -  before he is known as the smartest and strongest Hero of the lands behind the mountains...
  5. Don't Drop Your Keys

    Hi everyone! This is literally my first rpgmaker game! I'm still learning the ropes and trying to get a grasp of the Event System among other things. This game may not be for everyone, so just have fun with it! I built the game with rpgmaker MV. "Story" You're a normal guy in a normal...
  6. Galgria Chronicles [ Complete ]

    Hello everyone, this is the first game I have created, even though I'm a beginner when it come to create a game in RPG Maker, I made this mini game for the birthday bash. I hope you guys like it ^^ Here are some Pictures...
  7. kattywompus

    Hungry Like the Wolf (updated 3/6)

      1986. Camp Okwaho.   Story: The summer is finally here, and with it, your first year as a camp counselor. As your spend the first week at orientation with your fellow counselors, you couldn't be more excited... until one of the counselors goes missing. Now it's up to you to...
  8. hiddenone

    Piece of Cake

    Want to hear a story?  There'll be cake~   The world is full of adventures just waiting for the right people to take them on.  Some pit the heroes against a cruel tyrant.  Some drag adventurers through deadly deserts to face dragons, or worse.  Adventures that make for great tales to...
  9. EternalShadow

    [Birthday Bash | Complete] Cake Clicker

    So for this event, I'll be doing something completely different to the usual fare of RPG games. From the title, you may have already guessed what that is - yes, it's a clicking game! With a cake! V1.1 Download Here: Old Download...
  10. DamianCastaway

    {Finished} Blood Moon | Update 1.4 (Crash fix... Once again...)

    This is probably the dumbest yet most complicated entry in the Birthday Bash, lol. Story: You follow the adventures of a 200 year old Vampire named Keiran in a recent monster infested modern city! Can you find out whats going on before the world is flooded by monsters!? {Dev Note: I...

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