1. Garryg

    Trying to print a tick mark '✓' onto a bitmap.

    So I tried the following to try to print a check-mark/tick character '✓' in to a bitmap, but nothing seems to work. checkmark = '\u2713'.encode('utf-8') checkmark = '\u2713'.chr('UTF-8') checkmark = "\u2713" I tryed all of these with both double and single quotes as well as with the...
  2. ArtDept

    RMMZ JavaScript: Generating a Bitmap from Color Hex?

    I am trying to take a color hex, e.g. #686086, and create a 48x48 bitmap filled with it. This is what I've tried so far- In the above attempt, I think that I am going through each pixel of the bitmap and changing its bit values to represent the color specified. I also tried, However, in...
  3. ArtDept

    RMMZ JavaScript: Horizontally Flipping A Bitmap?

    I have the following PNG (button_arrow): Upon start of the game, it gets loaded into $dataGui._bitmaps.button_arrow.main[0]- As a Bitmap, it has canvas and image properties- Per this StackOverflow post, it seems to be possible to flip an image horizontally using JavaScript- I am trying...
  4. RMMV How to wait for Bitmaps to load?

    How do you wait for Bitmaps to finish loading? I know this isn't the best scenario. Ideally you would tell the ImageManager to load images way in advance, but this is just simply not always possible. Sometimes you need to load images on the fly. The problem is of course that images don't load...
  5. RMMV Need Help With Dynamically Building the Main Character Sprite in My Custom Plugin

    Hello everyone, I am trying to writer a plugin that dynamically builds the main character's sprite out of several different components, depending on the equipment they are currently wearing, but I am having some difficulties. The Character tile set for my main character that is set in the...
  6. RMMV Optimized way to Remove\Clear a bitmap

    Hope I'm not spamming. I made a grid-based cursor of sorts, but if I'm moving it my FPS slowly drops: //deleting the old cursor bitmap window.myCursorList[0].bitmap.clearRect(self(this)["xMathCursor"], self(this)["yMathCursor"], self(this)["pixel size"], self(this)["pixel size"])...
  7. RMMV Replace a bitmap with another one | Rectangles | Arrays

    In the painting game, I'm making u can change colors. I didn't want to stack bitmaps on top of each other so I've decided to replace one bitmap with another If they shape the same coordinates: I'm deleting the old rectangle, drawing a new one, and assigning it the old one's value in the array...
  8. Is it possible to draw events on Battle BGs?

    Hi, I'm quite new to scripting, I was implementing this feature that lets the player modify battle BGs generation via settings (the swirl that generates for when you choose no battle pictures) and I've noticed that RPG maker doesn't draw any events onto the BG's whatsoever. Is there any way I...
  9. Wecoc

    Wecoc's Bitmap Enhancer

    This script uses two external libraries in order to apply all kinds of improvements to the game Bitmaps. It also adds two new classes acting like handlers for Sprite and Plane. The only thing needed is change a specific Sprite to HSprite or a Plane to HPlane, and everything it had works as...
  10. Drakkonis

    RMMZ How do I draw a resizing bitmap?

    Back again with another question for my custom scene. I have images for my windows, I use them as sprites, but I actually blt their contents to the window itself, and the sprite itself is hidden at all times. I do it this way because it was the first solution I found when involving blt and...
  11. Drakkonis

    RMMV When does a bitmap ACTUALLY update?

    Title doesn't really capture my question well... but here goes. For once I don't consider this a "stupid in the sense that I'm missing something obvious or I've overthought the problem" question like a lot of my others. Graphical stuff is one of my biggest weaknesses, so please assume I know...
  12. wistiecutie

    Unexplainable glitch, please, I need help asap.

    Hello everyone ! So I'm having a massive glitch that's making my brain leak by the ears. I'm currently working on the bonus of my game and for no absolute reason, the play test keeps shutting off and when I go into the script editor, it automatically seems to link to the line 100 in the cache...
  13. RMMV I cannot extend a picture / bitmap.

    Hey! I am developing a plugin for my project that displays a screen of where the player is saving. Depending on the screen resolution, I need to enlarge or shrink this image. The reduction is done without any problem with the code below. On the other hand, as soon as I try to enlarge, even by...
  14. Eliaquim

    Problems getting bitmap.width and bitmap.height

    Hi people! I was making a plugin that creates a bitmap on the screen. But I'm having some problems getting the width and height of that. I have a function that receives arguments that help put the bitmap in a predefined position on the screen through his width and height. when I create the...
  15. BlueMage

    Get name of bitmap?

    Hi, i want to get the name of the picture that has been loaded into bitmapX. Can someone please tell me how?
  16. Lonewulf123

    [VX ACE]Drawing a Filled Rectangle behind Character face in Yanfly Battle HUD

    Hello, Can anyone help me create a snippet that will create a filled rectangle behind the characters faceset in Yanfly Battle Engine Status window? It would appear behind the faceset, and behind the "selection cursor". I've mocked up an example below: Something like the black square behind...
  17. stramin

    How to change bitmap/sprite color/saturation/contrast/tint/bright/tone/hue/alpha

    Hi guys, I am looking for a way to change a bitmap or sprite color, anything of these is welcome: color saturation contrast tint bright tone hue alpha blend The following are some of my attempts to paint a sprite: this._toneFilter = new ToneFilter()...
  18. Hayolee

    Creating A Screen Overlay With Bitmaps in JS

    Hi! I'm a little unfamiliar with the RPG Maker MV API, but I have worked in Javascript before briefly (not a master) just to give you some insight. I'm currently trying to create a few plugins that need a screen overlay/bitmappy stuff. I'll list them both before I go into more detail: 1.) I...
  19. tvghost

    NoMethodError? (WhiteFlute + FenixFyreX scripts)

    Demo link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3cqpvnzuh6y1zj9/demo.zip/file Original script links: https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/344-bitmap-effects/ https://www.whiteflute.org/wfrgss/?mode=view&realmId=1&pageId=24...
  20. Killer_Van

    How can i rotate a Bitmap?

    For a project I need to overlap a lot of bitmaps, and a few of them should be rotated. I found that there is a method call 'angle' to rotate sprite, but for the bitmap? The picture will never appear on the screen, another script will use that to animate a character. I thought that in the...

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