1. RMMV I cannot extend a picture / bitmap.

    Hey! I am developing a plugin for my project that displays a screen of where the player is saving. Depending on the screen resolution, I need to enlarge or shrink this image. The reduction is done without any problem with the code below. On the other hand, as soon as I try to enlarge, even by...
  2. Eliaquim

    Problems getting bitmap.width and bitmap.height

    Hi people! I was making a plugin that creates a bitmap on the screen. But I'm having some problems getting the width and height of that. I have a function that receives arguments that help put the bitmap in a predefined position on the screen through his width and height. when I create the...
  3. BlueMage

    Get name of bitmap?

    Hi, i want to get the name of the picture that has been loaded into bitmapX. Can someone please tell me how?
  4. Lonewulf123

    [VX ACE]Drawing a Filled Rectangle behind Character face in Yanfly Battle HUD

    Hello, Can anyone help me create a snippet that will create a filled rectangle behind the characters faceset in Yanfly Battle Engine Status window? It would appear behind the faceset, and behind the "selection cursor". I've mocked up an example below: Something like the black square behind...
  5. stramin

    How to change bitmap/sprite color/saturation/contrast/tint/bright/tone/hue/alpha

    Hi guys, I am looking for a way to change a bitmap or sprite color, anything of these is welcome: color saturation contrast tint bright tone hue alpha blend The following are some of my attempts to paint a sprite: this._toneFilter = new ToneFilter()...
  6. Hayolee

    Creating A Screen Overlay With Bitmaps in JS

    Hi! I'm a little unfamiliar with the RPG Maker MV API, but I have worked in Javascript before briefly (not a master) just to give you some insight. I'm currently trying to create a few plugins that need a screen overlay/bitmappy stuff. I'll list them both before I go into more detail: 1.) I...
  7. ZirconStorms

    NoMethodError? (WhiteFlute + FenixFyreX scripts)

    Demo link: Original script links:
  8. Killer_Van

    How can i rotate a Bitmap?

    For a project I need to overlap a lot of bitmaps, and a few of them should be rotated. I found that there is a method call 'angle' to rotate sprite, but for the bitmap? The picture will never appear on the screen, another script will use that to animate a character. I thought that in the...
  9. orochii

    Bitmap Effects

    Bitmap Effects By Orochii Zouveleki RGSS1, tested with RGSS102J.dll INTRODUCTION I started doing modifications to a friend's DLL code, and I ended up doing this. Basically, it's a transparency effect. It includes a basic masking for any bitmap by using another bitmap's alpha channel, as well as...
  10. Faherya

    Is it possible to add borders to bitmap objects?

    Hello everyone, good afternoon. Let me see, this is the default battleback: As you can see, the image is well shifted on a black background. Is it possible to add some type of border in these maps? In this case, in the battleback image? Perhaps a single contour line could improve slightly...
  11. Ellie Jane

    Layering images together in one bitmap

    Hi, I am trying to use Bitmap blt to layer some images together. Specifically I'm doing this in Sprite_Character.setCharacterBitmap so that I can create some layered character graphics. It's not working however; the bitmap loads the skin image successfully, but doesn't get any further than...
  12. WickedWolfy

    ImageManager: Load vs Reserve vs Request

    Greetings, colleagues, Could someone take a moment and explain to me the difference between the three different operations of ImageManager please? I have walked through the functions and have a basic understanding of the functionality, but use-cases escape me. Just to make it more specific, I...
  13. gregbaby

    Pearl ABS V3 Crashing to desktop.

    Hello again! Script in question: I've been having problems with my game crashing a lot due to this error message: Script '- Pearl Kernal' line 101: RGSSError occured. disposed bitmap EDIT: Added some screen shots into...
  14. Ganzimaro

    Pixi.Container to Bitmap

    Hello. I decided to try other ways of creating an interface. Question! How to turn "PIXI.Container" into "Bitmap". It is known that when you use "cacheAsBitmap", "Bitmap" is obtained from the container, but how to interact with it now? How to transfer it in a "Sprint"? Who has any ideas?
  15. tale

    Public Domain - 10 Pixel Fonts Pack

    Each font has it's own style. It might be suitable depending on the project's theme. The zip includes 10 bitmap (pixel) fonts (.ttf) that I picked out at pentacom. Also a .txt file called "permalinks" as reference of where the fonts originated from. Preview Download link-...
  16. Doktor_Q

    Loaded sprite starts with 0 x 0 dimensions?

    I'm trying to load a sprite sheet using ImageManager.loadCharacter so I can check the image's dimensions, but the first time I try to load the image, the resulting bitmap object has a .height and .width of 0. This happens for all the other resources the game loads, the first time- if it tries to...
  17. wrigty12

    Check if Path is Closed

    I am looking for a way to check if a drawn path becomes closed, when the path is being drawn by lines created when a cursor is moved with the arrow keys (Imagine drawing lines to make a circle using the arrow keys). I can get the lines to draw, but I can't figure out how to check when the path...
  18. Rikifive

    Optimized Way to Draw Text

    Hello everybody!   I want to draw a number, that will have to be updated each frame from time to time. Now I'm wondering on how I should approach this. While I might know the possible solution, I wanted to ask for advice, to be sure, that things will be done correctly.   What I want is to...
  19. Rikifive

    Bitmap in Bitmap? - Designing HUD's

    Hello everybody! Currently I'm designing HUD, that will display characters' HP and MP on map screen and I'd like to ask a question. What I was about to do, is to create sprites directly in Scene_Map ~ their variables and such all in that scene. However, I think that's not the smartest...
  20. wrigty12

    Help: width or height properties of a bitmap/image?

    I am trying to retrieve the value of the width/height of a picture that I import with ImageManager.loadBitmap. When I try the following code in the game console, it works just fine: ImageManager.loadBitmap("img/pictures/puzzle/", "Castle").width; However, once I try to set the exact same...

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