1. EncryptedKnight

    Windows 10 Update 2-11 Black Screen on Test Start RMMV Remedy

    After installing Windows Updates (see screenshot below) on February 11, 2022 I got a black screen that wouldn't go away while trying to test my project in RMMV (non-steam version). After uninstalling these three updates I was able to launch my project without a black screen. I am not entirely...
  2. Lee Sang

    Sprites show black on Android device

    I have this flower sprite (spoiler below) which contains 189 frames. It looks fine on Windows but when I run my game on my Android device (Samsung Galaxy Note 9), it shows a black square. Sprites that have less than 15 frames can run just fine. Can anyone help me with this? I'll give more detail...
  3. Jzkann

    [SOLVED] Black screen on playtest

    Hello there. I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I couldn't find anything else. Basically, I downloaded the free version of RPG Maker MV. I tried creating something, and then I tested. The problem is that, it showed a "file missing" Chrome error. So, I noticed I accidentally moved my...
  4. Ace Graphic: Black Fog

    Maker Format: VXAce Hey everyone, I can't seem to find a good black fog graphic to use with RAFAEL_SOL_MAKER's ACE PERFECT FOG v1.0. I use one of Heisenman's fogs shown below for part of a map I'm working on, and the grainy effect is just what I need (not sure if my attachment is working...
  5. XGuarden

    black screen mv

    i just start back to work on my projet but cant open any old projet. in fact new projet work but not old. Many version difference. Not only test didt work and do black screen, but all menu... look screenshot. One of projet opened once. I was wondering if its because the current new computer i...
  6. Android Black Screen (4.4.4) API 19

    Hi again all, I have found another big problem while testing the android apk on various devices. On my Galaxy S6 it works fine (android 7.0.0) but the tilesets, and ONLY the tilesets SUFFER A HUGE QUALITY REDUCTION, with some graphical error and i can't figure out why. On a Galaxy Grand NEO...
  7. Casting on a transformed SV enemy = black box?

    Hi!  Would very much appreciate some help with yanfly state transformations. I've followed Yanflys tips and tricks video on enemy transformations using YEP_battlecore and YEP_buffsandstates and have run into this problem.  Created a new project and put only the following updated plugins in...
  8. Maximo

    Trying to make a trap skill

    Hi! I have a character with a skill called "Black hole", which is a trap that can be set into the selected target for 1 turn [There's a 50% of chance that the trap can be set]. During the turn if the selected enemy attacks the actor who used the skill, the black hole will absorb the attack...
  9. rizunx

    How to Change Text Box To White

    So I've been trying to mess with the window color settings the normal way in the system tab, but I can't seem to ever get it to go to white, just a gray color when I turn all the sliders up. On the other hand, there's no problem turning the window to black or any other color other than white. ...
  10. jjbones123

    How to change all text in a game from white to black?

    I know you can do  \C[number of the color you want] to turn the text from white to black, but to do that for every text box seems tedious. How can I change it so that the game uses black text by default? Is there an option or do I have to change some script??
  11. Jogabba

    Noob question - How would you do this?

    Hi, beginner here! I was wondering if there's anyway to make anything fade out except the player. I mean, slowly tint everything in the screen black except the player. Any ideas? 
  12. NightHerald

    Non-White NPC Sprites & Faces

    Hi there! I noticed there weren't any sprites for non-white people in the vx ace resources. You could make your own with the generator, but you miss out on certain types. I looked around the forums and didn't see many edits, so I decided to upload my own. I'll upload more in the future as I...
  13. midnight1443

    Snake Sprites Rainbow/Black

    I made sure they worked. They're all the same size and design, I just changed the color to make them look different. Free to use! Happy gaming! -Max
  14. wrigty12

    MV 1.3 Bug Report - Transfer Fading Issue

    MV 1.3.0 Bug Report - Transfer Player Fading Black/White Issue Plugins Used?: While I use plugins on my current project, a brand new project with no plugins results in the same bug (As is the situation with the attached project). Already Reported?:It seems as if this may be connected with a...
  15. Black Diamond Music

    Am looking for very specific feedback. Can anyone let me know whether they think these style of tracks are saleable. Thankyou for your time. ok man :)
  16. stiven202

    Black Winter - Download now!! (Full game)

    Name: Black Winter Genre: Puzzle Flavours: Horror, old school, mystery Release Date: April 8 - 2016                  CREDITS: - Creator: Stiven202 - Soundtrack: José Goval - Character Design: Kodyz Contact and news: If you want to see the...
  17. Black Girl Battler

    I'm making a game using XP, and I'm using mostly stock images, since this is my first real attempt at a game. If possible, I'd like the style to match that of RPG maker XP's original stuff. I'm requesting a battler for the attached character. She uses a mace as a weapon. Aside from that, I've...
  18. MeowFace

    Force Full Screen with No Black Border

    This is for the request here. But since it's only a demonstration of how things works. This script only force the game to run in full screen mode with no black borders. No window mode provided. Script writers, feel free to change it as you like. Features: [1] Force the game to run at full...
  19. Changing the default color for custom fonts

    I am new to... everything. RPG Maker VX Ace is the first time I have attempted making my own game. I am making it for my girlfriend who is obsessed with pandas. I got a custom panda themed font and after days of trial and error finally managed to replace the default font with my custom one. It...
  20. BardAaron

    [VX Ace] "Black" Face Parts

    I want a bit of racial diversity in my game, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any, or could produce, some decent Black (as in African) features for the face Generator in VX Ace.  I've downloaded all the parts Ive been able to find, and so far there is a real dirth of features that aren't...

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