1. Ludi_Tarantula

    RMMV [Horror RPG] The Rebirth of Franklin Albrecht [Demo 60% - Currently in re-styling]

    A game by Ludi Tarantula The rebirth of Franklin Albrecht Possible poster remake for graphic improvement The world of the living intertwines with the world of the dead Story Frankie wakes up chained to a bed. He just wanted to denounce his father’s crimes. Perhaps he should have...

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I feel still screenshots don't do my game justice. the characters don't move, but the filter over them does...
Wonder if this year, there be more MZ plugin than MV or that MZ is still small compare to whole MV collection
Hey morning all! I got another quick question..I just switched to RMMZ from VX I am wondering why default scripts(is that how u call it) of VXAce is available, but not in MZ's case? How do I figure out ahh I mean could you show me
Sometimes im the biggest fool alive... Ah well, ce la vie
The worst feeling in the world is going for a walk on a nice summer day, seeing an ice cream truck, and realizing you don't have any money with you :(

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