1. tale

    Metsss MV materials

    Terms of Use- Non-commercial use: OK Commercial use: OK Redistribution: OK Processing: OK Redistribution after processing: OK For RPG Maker MV If you want to give credit, please include the url: credit: Metsss Source...
  2. bbaallppeenn1

    RMMV Alamat

    Alamat is an Adventure/RPG game currently in development using RPG Maker MV engine. Set in Fictional Version of Philippines showcasing Philippines' Myths and Myth Creatures such as Bakunawa, Dogong, Sarimanok, Lam-ang, etc. Join Dula and his friends as they set on an adventure to reverse their...
  3. DrDhoom

    Suikoden Like Weapon Upgrade

    Weapon Upgrade v2.0 DrDhoom Introduction Commissioned by @kaleemmcintyre, published with permission. This plugin is for upgrading actor's weapon, just like Blacksmith shop in Suikoden. Yanfly's Item Core is needed! Features - Use growth formula for weapon parameters. - Use upgrade cost formula...
  4. Arisete™

    Equipment Enhancements

    I've been looking around for several plugins to do what I've been wanting, such as Yanfly's 'Upgrade Slots' and Crafting systems and whatnot, and cannot find any Plugin that does what I'm trying to do. The idea of this plugin is to go to a Blacksmith 'NPC' and upon talking to the Blacksmith...
  5. Skytor

    Blacksmith Item Input

    In my game i want there to be a blacksmith that you can give "recipes" to, and after the recipes are given the item the recipe is for will appear in the choices of things he can make. I know that i could do this manually with menus for every single combination but there are way too many of...
  6. leakymilky

    rpgmv upgrade system?

    So im looking to make a sort of blacksmith upgrade system that affects one of my characters. Im thinking that with it, one specific character can make upgrades to her weapon but its only her that would be able to. After gathering certian materials you can make lets call them upgrade orbs to slot...
  7. EisiG.R

    Dèhmraude Ressources by EisiG.R

    Hello all, My first sprites for my MV project. (update coming) - Edit : Gloves sprites + Icons section!! - Edit : Grood SV ! - Edit : Grood Face ! Disclaimer: All sprites here are twice the original size of MV sprite!! Terms: Credit for EisiG.R. They are free to use for commercial or non...
  8. Script help for blacksmith

    I am building a blacksmith side quest in which the player can create weapons and armor if they have the proper knowledge (unlocked the blueprint) and the right materials. There will be a selection list of the things you can create and what items are needed to build it. Would this be done best to...
  9. leakymilky

    Blacksmith setup help

    Hello there, So im looking to code/create a blacksmith in my game to upgrade weapons (though in this case this is a specific weapon that changes based on the upgrade) However I do not know how to properly set this up. Im taking some inspiration from monster hunter in that you gather materials...

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