1. Hollow 1977

    My Bleach Fanfiction Bleach Lost Memories

    Kisuke Urahara awakens from a nightmare while Ichigo battles the fiendish dark emperor Yhwach to stop him from destroying the balance of Souls and erasing Soul Society and the World of the Living. Uryu faces down Jugram Haschwalth while the Vizard and Shinigami Captains face off against an...
  2. Hollow 1977

    Bleach Fandom Novel - Lost Chapters

    I am going to write my own version of Bleach should have ended tying up many loose ends and answering some questions that never got answered. I will be creating a website and posting new chapters there and linking the site here as new chapters are posted. I am not the best writer but I will do...
  3. Bleach 3rd Phantom RPG XV(Ace) Extension Story

    Hey Everyone! I just came up with a idea to create a Bleach Game following the style and story of Bleach 3rd Phantom but adding more realistic references and accuracy to the bleach manga and to be able to expand on the story to the last arc of bleach and even possibly create our own ending...

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Mom tested positive for COVID thanks to a single stupid coworker of hers not taking sh*t serious.
I'll prolly won't be on here for a while as we deal with this.
So before I inevitably start a new project to reorganize myself (I will make sure to save important info dw), I will make an external list of what I want in the final database.
Although a lot of things are still not finished, I can't delay the early access date.
It's her birthday. :kaojoy:
Have you ever been truly comfortable? This weekend I experienced it for the first time in my 33 years on this planet. Try to get comfy, friends.
Every once in a while I check to see if my planned game titles are taken or trademarked. Still okay. I plan to take my time for the sake of quality, but at the same time it feels like a race against some hidden dev out there who also plans to publish or register the same title.

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