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  1. ramza

    Ramza's Shield Block Plugin -UPDATED APRIL 3 2019-

    Announcement: This plugin, as well as my dual wield plugin have been moved over to my page as paid plugins from this point on. Anyone who was previously using these plugins can continue to do so, but no further updates will be posted tho this thread. The most up to date version will be...

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I don't think I can handle using the real SNES resolution of 512x448 because resizing absolutely every interface element I had on hand by painstaking trial & error/guess and check (is there any other way?) is KILLING me.
If anyone wants to Program for me give me a DM, ill pay if i have to!
I made a drawing of Moss
RPG Maker Games Critique with Studio Blue: Militibus Elementis Redux starts now! Watch live!

I'm so freaking pissed right now i want to scream and rant and rave

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