1. Milennin

    How to prevent Event overlap?

    In RM2K3, there was a feature on Events that would forbid Event overlap (basically to prevent other Events moving over them), but that feature is not present in MZ. Is there any easy way of restricting roaming Events while allowing the player over those tiles?
  2. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Identify This Script~ Help!

    Hello Gamedevs and Gameplayers! I remember there being a script for RPG Maker VX Ace out there that essentially took the tiles and changed them from blocky and square to diagonal and natural looking. It only did that with A1 and A2 tiles (so it only affected water and land tiles). I have...
  3. lvkeai


    Lvkeai_ShieldBlock Author : Lvkeai Introduction : A plug-in that makes the shield more useful :DMy first plugIn. The View: Animation and status should be done by yourself. Block animation Broken shield animation Set a few states as you like. * 1、Broken shield reduces the probability of...
  4. EliteFerrex

    Disable Access to Items

    Hello, everyone. I'm looking to find a way to disable access to using items during specific battles, either by applying a State to a character, or by temporarily disabling access to the command, or temporarily removing all items from the player's inventory, or however it has to be done. I've...
  5. Poupouille

    Block an event

    Hello, I would like to make a climbing wall with lizards that make my character fall. For that, I want limit the area of displacement of the lizard, like this: But I don't know how to configure the settings so that the lizard can not go beyond that area. Like this, it doesn't work: Thank...
  6. Vetmora

    QABS Plugin: Ignore other event colliders

    Hi guys, I'm using the QABS suite of plugins: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/qplugins-latest-qabs.73023/ Trying to figure out how to make it so that when an event with the <enemy:X> notetag returns to its original x and y when it can't find the player, that it then ignores...
  7. SefirosuKuraodo

    Is This Shield State Concept Possible?

    State-affecting plugins I'm using: Yanfly's Buffs & States Core, HIME's State Change Animations, & Sumrndmdde's State Popups. There's a state I'd like to apply to a battler that would nullify/block the damage from a certain among of attacks. For example, you apply this defensive state, we'll...
  8. CallMeKerrigan

    Online Generators

    I replied to a thread a while back about these generators, but I thought I should get the word out. I use these generators a lot when I need to refresh my thought process, or I'm stuck when I'm writing a story. To be honest, sometimes I don't even use what is generated, they just get my mind...
  9. Alistair

    AP - Blocking

    ~ Blocking ~ by Alistair   For the latest updates please visit my blog. This is merely an introduction topic.   ► Introduction This plugin introduces what I call "Block Rate" and "Block Reduction". The Block Rate determines the likeliness of blocking an incoming attack...
  10. LynX

    Khas Block for SAS IV coldown taken from variable

    Hi is there a way to change this script to take value for blocking time and blocking coldowns from specified game variable? Is this really hard to change?  #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------# * [ACE] SAS IV...
  11. MeowFace

    Terrain Tag/Region Passage Block via Switch

    Made for a request here. There are 2 scripts. 1 for terrain tag, 1 for region. So the users can choose to use either one or both. Features: [1] A way to block paths using Region IDs/Terrain Tags [2] Able to add more than one region/terrain tag for blocking. [3] On/Off controllable by...
  12. vincent274

    Blocking door with an event.

    Hi guys, Is it possible to block a door with another event? Here's the situation, to explain it more precisely: My character is a thief, who's trying to escape from a prison. I want him to block the door with a table, so guards can't enter the room. I've already done the "push" and "pull"...
  13. Jericho Swain

    How do I make a Tutorial Battle ?

    As the title says How do I make a tutorial battle ? I want to be able to block out commands until the other commands are fulfilled. Thanks :D
  14. Anti Bow-Tie

    Need help blocking event line of sight!

    Hi there, first post here. I'm working on a project featuring a line of sight-function for events. I tried going about this with switches and variables and ended up with lots of parallel processes containing lengths upon lengths of conditional branches, causing lag as well as general madness on...
  15. ZoroarX

    No Save, No Return Point!

    ZoroarX here asking another question. Well, today, in my project, there will be a part only for experienced players (After the Main Story, of course). It's called the No Return Point, when you just enter that point, you'll save, but then until you get out of there, you won't be able to save...

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