1. Keddy

    bloody tilesets

    Hey everyone, im kinda new here. I'll make this short. if anyone has any gory slaughter house kind of tilests or is willing to recommend something similar, id be very much appreative. Anything with animals\bloody items would be good! thanks!
  2. WarlockGames

    Blood Sprites

    Hey guys, this is my first post ever what I am going to make, so sorry for spelling mistakes if I make a few. I have made some blood sprites for my own game and I thought about it, why not give it also towards you for free, I hope you like it, it's not the greatest blood sprites what I made but...
  3. tale

    [Sinestesia] Blood, Coins, Explode, Side-shots, Strike Animations (reformat)

    I reformatted Sinestesia's Free Animations from opengameart into XP/ VX Ace/ MV animation sheet. Maybe animations flows well with Aekashic's battlers. Download includes 18 images (png)- blood1-3, coins, explode1-8, sideshot1-2, spurt1-2, strike1-2 Preview License- Public Domain (CC0) Just...
  4. NickFox2005

    RMMV Hunter Brother's

    Hunter Brother's is a horror adventure game about the failure who is trying to save the girl from the killers in a locked space. Hunter Brother's is contains nightmare sequences of the main character and some choices during the dialogue, game also provides flashing lights, blood, intense music...
  5. Rafazcruz

    Chase Scene with two Space Objects

    Hello! I am creating a small chase scene with multiple statues and i want to make it , that if one of them touchs you , its game over. BUT here is the problem , i can make that with the the aprouch player mode , but i can´t do that with two space object because they will be separed. I will post...
  6. Vanir

    Vanir Resources | Update: 43 Icons & variations [133 total] | NO RTP tilesets, icons

    ..................................................... Here you can find several resources among which the tileset will prevail. This thread will be updated over time. Do not hesitate to let me know your suggestions below. PD: The set of tiles I make does not use the RTP set Term of use...
  7. frostnoble

    RMVXA Blade of Acrimony (DEMO)

    Introduction: Greetings everyone, my name is Frostnoble, and this is my first big project called Blade of Acrimony! Blade of Acrimony is a Psychological Horror Rpg, where you take control of a young girl named Sora and follow her on her downward spiral into insanity. Story: Characters...
  8. lokirafael

    Blood Elemental

    Hello ppl. I'm looking for a blood elemental. It can be amorph or with an almost humam shape. RPG Maker MV side battle (Animated) Sv and Char if possible, but the request is more to SV. Some blood elementa from google just so you know what I'm talking. Blood wisper like Almost humam Almost a...
  9. KChasm

    [Ace] A request for blood but not in a way that sound creepy, hopefully

    Resource Type: Sprite Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Ace RTP Description: Does anyone know where I can find some good patches of blood to litter the floors/walls of my dungeon with? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  10. AeroFunk80

    Blood Tileset & Animation?

    So, I've searched Google, the forum, and I cannot find any. I found several for RPG VX Ace, but I need some for RPG Maker MV. I'm not looking for bloody water or on buildings/already on objects (I found those for MV). I'm looking for blood stains I can put on the ground (I'd be OK with some for...
  11. Sythian Bard

    The House of Slime

    The House of Slime (a gathering place for slimes of all kinds) :kaoangry: Terms: FREE for non-commercial and commercial games. For the 8 Specific Elemental Slimes...I'd like to know if you use them in your commercial game. (Cuz, they will be appearing in my commercial game...and I just want...
  12. Edward The Determined

    Making a Final Fantasy IV horror game and need down sprites

    Keep in mind, I'm not making profit out of this game, this project is made just for fun. But I need down sprites for these characters, ^ These sprites are made by sithjester and I'm using these sprites for my game with Edward as the main character. This project is made with RPG Maker VX...
  13. MarisaG

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! Im new to RM, and will be using it to create my RPG "Mundo Sangre" (Blood World). It is a mash-up of steampunk & fantasy, and I am looking forward to progressing on it  :)  i was previously developing this as a 3D game but like what i see in RM, so im switching... I hope to get...
  14. Bit's and peices

    Terms: These are all free to use in commercial and non-commercial  RPG Maker Games you have licenses for. I'll be updating this and adding more tilesets to this and eventually adding sprite parts and costumes. The blood and photos are of my own creation, the skeleton, science tubes? and the...
  15. tsu

    flooded tiles and bloodied edited sprites (quadruple?) request

    I hope i'm not requesting too much in this post, I just don't wanna spam the forum and I need a few things :) all of this is for rpg maker vx ace btw I'm planning on having a house more or less flood after an earthquake, but I can't find any tiles for it does anyone know where I can find...
  16. TalalAlgreby

    Cut Down Sprite request

    Hello everyone, so there's a very important scene in my game where a character gets cut down, i'll put the sprite right here : so what i want is a sprite of her laying on the ground with one hand cut off, or one leg cut off, with some blood on the ground. Thanks for taking the time to read...
  17. Ultim

    Is it OK to disable blood hoping to reach a more extensive public ?

    Hello all,I'm back again. I just want to decide either disable or enable blood in my game.Blood is important to the atmosphere and I really want to reach a maximum level of people playing my game.So is disabling blood okay ? PS  : Not a horror game.
  18. Looking for zombie sprite (specific positions)

    Hey guys So what is happening in the game is, there is a bathtub with some blood a its supposed to have a body submerged with its arm on the edge of the tub. When the player approaches the zombie, he gets up, makes some noise and falls over. So what I need is, the zombie face-down with its...
  19. Silent Darkness

    A "Coughing-up-blood" sound effect

    I'm looking for a particular sound effect that would fit well with a depiction of one of the actors suddenly coughing up blood. The more gruesome the better. It can't have a dry sound to it though. It's not like coughing up phlegm(or however it's spelled). Any ideas?
  20. cosmickitty

    Halloween Tiles

    These are mostly edits of the Castle Interior set of XP.  The freestanding blood may have to be parallaxed on, I didn't really test it as an overlay. Some event sheet edits: Tileset: I may do some more tilesets... I'm not sure, it'll depend on how much time I have this month. Free for...

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