blue mage

  1. Gabriel-Chi

    RMMV Blue Mage deserve love

    Hi.I'm going to talk about blue mages. You may be asking what is a blue mage,right? Blue Mages (From Some Final Fantasy Games) are a unique class that can learn magicks from monsters,actualy,they need to get hit by a magic to learn it,so,i think they are masochists... Anyways this is kinda...
  2. Vis_Mage

    Change Skill Targeting if user has X State

    Hey! :kaohi: In my project, I have a character that is a blue mage (A character than can learn enemy skills be being hit by them. I'm using a script for this, but I don't think is should affect the request). The issue I'm running into is that they won't be able to learn any healing/support...
  3. miyanke

    Chef / Vampire / Blue Mage / Blu Mag (Quina)

    Hello everyone, I found several "Blue Mage"'s scripts: Driftwood's in which checking the enemy you can learn a skill. L'esparver in which when you are hitted by the attack you learn it. In my game those are going to be different classes, "Sage" for the first, the character will "Study"...

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